Wood and wool

I’m making plans for next year and deciding what I want to achieve and learn:


– I think it’s time to admit it – I can’t own a yarn store if I can’t knit! That will be rectified in 2011. I’m giving myself December 2010 as well cos I’m just a bit thick about getting the hang of it. But oh yes knitting, you will be my bitch one day soon!

Wood and wool

I have very very vague plans and hopes to open my yarn store mid 2012. Our mortgage is up for renewal in early 2012 so I figure that’s the best time to discuss finances with the bank. ven if they say no they make say when. It’s hyperventilatingly exciting to have even a vague potential date picked out. Inned to do business classes next year. If only I could think of a good name….

– Wet felting: a few ideas from the Waldorf festival are still rolling around in my brain and taking shape. I forsee soapy wet wool in my future and perhaps I’ll even felt a few of the thrifted sweaters I’m hoarding. I picked up an amazing cream lambswool one with cables all over it yesterday.


– I got out the badly hewn previous attempts I did and then hid out of embarrassment. I’m thinking that a dirt cheap jigsaw and a pine plank on my back step ain’t gonna cut it. Well that’s pretty obvious actually. This time around I’m thinking a proper (second hand) scroll saw and beautiful recycled native woods will do it for me.

Wood and wool

I can’t afford to buy the sort of things I really want my children to have one day but I’ve certainly got plenty of time to learn to make it. It’s almost as if infertility has given us the gift of time….almost.

– You could also perhaps include the bajillion redecorating plans under the wood category too. The partly sanded wooden kitchen table. The partly sanded wooden thrifted bookshelves. The two cupboard doors I removed and….yep, partly sanded. 2011 is going to be a busy year…



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3 responses to “Wood and wool

  1. Jen

    I like the way you can see something positive out of your troubles πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    praying for you


  2. Steph you are so inspirational! All will fall into place for you as it should! Rachaelxo

  3. I have similar aspirations, having dabbled in both. Tops on my list are making more wood toys and spinning my own yarn. Good luck!

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