Waldorf school festival

Two years ago I spotted a poster in the library advertising the local Waldorf school’s annual craft, food and toy festival. It was a fabulous event, there were a ton of people and their cash machine was broken so I was stuck with the $6 I had in my pocket. The stalls of wooden toys, organic chocolate, Waldorf dolls and other things for sale had me in cashless agony. Last year I had no money in the bank or otherwise so we skipped it but this year on a whim I decided to try for a stall and got the very last one. It was obviously meant to be. My stall was in the foyer outside class two which is the Christmas Room. Here’s a few photos and words about the day:

Class Two decked out in amazing style as the Christmas Room. No kids allowed until the fair is open:

Christmas Room

The decorations along the back wall:

The back wall

The chalkboard. I wish all schools still used chalkboards. And I wish I could make art like that:

Class Two

The detail they went to is amazing. And so is the view:

The view

I don’t know what this room is normally but it’s the cutest little cottage style building and I love the fence:

Little People Room

A couple of the rooms had raffles. The Christmas Room had the most amazing raffle. I mean AMAZING. Third prize is a cake which didn’t interest me. First and second prize however…damn! Second prize was a needlefelted nativity set:


It was beautifully soft and squishy and I could easily imagine pulling it out and setting it up with a child each year in the future. Sadly I didn’t win it. And most annoyingly I didn’t win first prize – the most beautiful dollhouse I have ever seen in person:

First Prize in the raffle

Apparently a parent made it and donated it for the festival. He is a doctor and doesn’t even bother making them for sale but I’m seriously tempted to try track him down and ask how much he would charge for one!

My stall was the most successful I have had in ages. I got tons of feedback, ideas and I earned enough to pay the bills that the enormous vet bill put us behind on (that was paid off last week, yay!), buy a couple of craft books and best of all finally buy some wooden toys:

The spoils

I can’t wait for next years festival!


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9 responses to “Waldorf school festival

  1. Oh, how fun! That makes me think that I should check and see if our local Waldorf school has anything similar. I hope so!

  2. Looks like a wonderful place/day. Those wooden animals are incredible!

  3. wow I love those animals! Glad to hear your stall was sucessful.

  4. Jen

    pleased your site was so successful

    that dolls house wow!!!

    pretty impressed with that cow too

  5. Glenda

    Glad you made a nice amount of $$$!!

    Really cool crafted goodies in those photos.

  6. bookwormbethie

    congrats on a successful craft fair, esp since you got feedback and new ideas 🙂 did you sell any giddy-up ponies on a stick?

  7. Katie Cadman

    Looks wonderful. Any contact details on the makers of those beautiful timber items. I would love to purchase some! They are beautiful!

  8. I work at a waldorf school and we had our christmas market today! I bought some lovely wooden items, they are adorable. Great to find your blog (through flickr) have a good weekend 🙂

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