Big Butt Baby Pants

As part of my attempt to learn to sew clothes I bought the Big Butt Baby Pants pattern from made-by-rae. It’s got a big ol’ gusset in the rear for those big cloth diaper butts and I thought it would be a perfect project to try something more advanced without having to sacrifice a lot of fabric. The fabric I used began it’s life as 3 large, brand new tea towels which I got for $1 each from the thrift store.

Big Butt Baby Pants 3-6 months

The crotch ended up a big wonky and maybe the fabric wasn’t the best choice (the weave was too loose and it started shedding threads like crazy – I suspect it might rip with daily wear and tear of actual pants) but it’s all another lesson learnt. They are as cute as I imagined and for someone so fashion and colour challenged to be able to picture something and bring it to fruition is a big achievement. It’s the 3-6 month size cos the 0-3 month size terrified me with it’s teeny tiny littleness. I’ve done one pair of newborn pants and the hem seams are microscopic! A hot iron, tiny hem and fat fingers is a recipe for burned fingers!

Rae has a new free pattern for newborn baby pants which I might try though. She gives an option for finishing the cuffs with a contrast binding which sounds burn free and would look funky on adult jeans. Although there’s a bag of peas in the freezer with my name on it just in case.


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  1. Jen

    LOVE the colour and design

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