Doctor Handsome

Ooooh yum, there’s photos of Dr Handsome on the internet. God bless Google. Leave a comment if you want me to email you his photo (and you doooo!).  That smile….ahem, what was I saying now? Oh right, so we finally had our 3 monthly appointment with him on Thursday. The first thing I do is weigh in. The hospital scales said 90.0kg. They always weigh exactly 2kg below the Weight Watchers scales. I’m nearly about to hit the 80’s and to go from nearly hitting the 110’s (yikes!) to breaking into the 80’s is frickin’ huge!

He had some mixed news for us and here’s where I struggle to know how much to share. He had good news for me – the weight loss is working because I am starting to ovulate now. It’s wonderful to now that the hard work is worth it, really worth it. Not just because I’m looking so good now but because it’s physically fixing me, you know what I mean? There are still other problems though and I still need to lose 5kg as well to get funded treatment. So we’ve been given another 3 months. After that we have two possible courses of treatment if we can’t conceive naturally – which is thankfully now slightly possible. Option 1 is intrauterine insemination – the scientific version of a turkey baster. This is relatively fast and we could start it pretty much straight away. The other option is IVF – which is big serious stuff and possibly the worst part of all is that the waiting list is ten months long. If we had $11,000 we could be seen tomorrow. But yeah, since we don’t…..we obviously want to go the IUI route. Right now only these next 3 months will tell which route we are destined for. I think it’s safe to say I’m busy writing up a big long distracting crafty ‘to-do’ list right now.



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7 responses to “Doctor Handsome

  1. Steph! that is such good news, truly awesome! Whatever route you take will result in a beautiful baby for you both! Take care and carry on your good work! Rachaelxo

  2. You’re doing great with your weight loss, and I’m sure another 5kg is well within easy reach for you. Of course, the waiting and wondering sucks but this time next year you could be a mother or at least on your way to motherhood. It all sounds so promising. Fingers crossed and good luck.

  3. bookwormbethie

    oh steph it is all good news! glad your weight loss and all that hard work has caused you to ovulate!!!!!

  4. Glenda

    I had no idea that being overweight could interfere with ovulation. Very exciting news that your weight loss success has equated to ovulation success — one success leads to another, and, hopefully soon, to another :).

  5. Do you mean to say that you’ve lost nigh on 20 kg? That is a wonderful acheivement- what a long way to have come already. Good luck for the rest of the journey.

  6. Jen

    WTG 🙂 with your weight lose

    hope Dave doesnt get jealous of Doc Handsome

    praying for the rest of your weight lose and what the future holds


  7. Oh wow, that is a mixed news! Way to go on the weight loss. I know you’ve worked so hard. I know that must be hard though, to have wait another three months.

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