I saw Dr Handsome today – oh lordy that man is handsome. (I’ll talk about it next time) We left the house early because I wanted to go thrifting first – what a waste of time. The best thrift store I know of was a complete waste of time. The prices are a joke and even the staff think so. Apparently nothing is selling at either branch but the head honchos think the prices are right. They are full to the rafters with furniture and when it costs $210 for a second hand mattress and bed base in good condition (poor condition costs over $100!) you can see why they are doing so badly. The next place I went to had slim pickings and looked really understocked. The last place (the other branch of the first place) offended me actually – $2-$3 for a sewing pattern? Not a chance. I did however find one little gem – the sort of thing that is so awesome it just managed to save a rather bad thrifting trip. A wooden farmyard set:

Farmyard set

There’s very minor damage to one stable wall but otherwise it’s in excellent condition.

Farmyard close up

Those red things are dogs if you’re wondering. I thought they were sharks at first – but then I decided that since sharks might not be in many farmyards they must be dogs. Thy’re rather….abstract.



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8 responses to “Farmyard

  1. Leslie

    But I wanna hear about the hot DOCTOR!

  2. Jen

    thats a wonderful farm set 🙂

  3. What a cute little set! I noticed the last time I went thrifting that prices are the same way around here… It was like they were trying to set their prices as if they were an antique shop instead of a thrift store… Crazy 🙂

  4. glendasikes

    That farmyard set is fabulous!!

    Curious to hear about your appointment. Hope it was good news.

  5. Great find Steph, it’s so cute! x

  6. love the farm set, just the kind of thing that I look out for. The op shop prices are high here too, especially the clothes.

  7. bookwormbethie

    LOL for sharks! though i can see how you thought that, dogs do make more sense unless the sharks have legs and can breathe out of water 😉

    such a tease not telling us about dr. handsome & how your appointment went.

  8. that is so cute. I love that little farm set. Nice to find your blog. So much luck with your baby journey. You will get there!

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