On target

I have two craft fairs coming up (courtesy of the vet bill they are now very important) and have been really busy. I’ve ‘budgeted’ my time though for this round which has made all the difference in keeping my sanity. I listed every day until the first fair and allocated one or two days for each project  plan to make. Sewing a softie on one day and doing the ears and tail the next day means I’m not pushing myself so hard that I just collapse and do nothing. I’m ahead of schedule enough that today involved a lot of lolling around in the sun without worrying about making progress. I will definitely be ‘budgeting’ my time more often.

I’m also on target with my weight. Hugely on target in fact. Last week there was a wee ‘blip’ – I gained 600 grams. Heart attack moment. My second gain in only 24 weeks and I had to have it 9 days before I see the specialist? Gah!! Uncool. Strangely it was exactly 9 days before my last appointment that I had my first gain. Anyway I worked hard all last week into this week and today the scales showed that – I lost 1.3kg! I now weigh bang on 92kg which will be 90kg at the hospital on Thursday (without my heavy shoes and jersey I wear at WW). And 90kg is the weight that he said he would refer me at! As long as I behave the next two days I might….dare I hope…I could even hit…the 80’s!! I need to hit 85kg before the fertility people will give us any treatment but frankly after 16.7kg another 5kg is a cake walk….noooo, bad choice of words…..it’s second nature to me now!

In unrelated but funny news Rastus had his stitches out and his cone off on Friday. He no longer walks around hanging his head ike Eeyore and peers out every window and door he can reach:

Let me out mummy!

And this newborn t-shirt is terribly cheesy and cliché but I so had to have it. Thrifting is a laugh sometimes!iPood



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2 responses to “On target

  1. Jen

    organization planning ‘budgeting’ your time
    I think are the key
    pleased for you

    wtg!!!! on your weight lose
    Im praying for you

    that t is cool!!!!

  2. glendasikes

    The “iPood” shirt is a hoot.

    That’s cool that you found a good crafting groove for the upcoming craft fairs; should definitely help keep it fun :).

    I’m so happy for you for how wonderful you’re doing with your weight loss. You’ve accomplished a lot already!

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