Sewing up a storm

My gran is about 84 and can’t sew anymore so occasionally something will head my way – a little bit of ancient bias binding or something. Sometimes it’s useful, sometimes it’s not. I never know what to expect in a package from her. So this weekend when I told her I want to try sewing with knit fabric she said she would send her old knits book and some ribbing down to me but it probably wouldn’t be this week so I completely forgot about it. But I got home from my walk today to find an enormous box jam packed with goodies sitting on my doorstep. I have no idea how she got it to the post office, I had to drag it inside!


Fabric, a LOT of ribbing, patterns, a couple of sewing books, elastic, bias binding, thread, iron on appliques, fleece and even a cut out dress that needs to be sewn together. She can’t find the pattern so it might be quite a challenge trying to get it sewn together and looking like it is meant to!


My gran sent me this little pinafore with the box of goodies. She found it hanging in the wardrobe and thought I might like to sell it. Yeah right! If I have a daughter and have no granmade dresses to dress her in that would be sad indeed. The photo does not convey how delicate and white it is.

I haven’t looked through the box in depth but it will really help to pad out my impoverished stash a lot! I am on a real sewing kick lately. Sometimes I won’t touch my machine for months and then I’ll feverishly slave over it for the next month. I’ve made a couple more fluted toddler hats with thinner fabric which has made them much tidier at the seams.

Bonnet and hats

I also finally made a baby bonnet. I struggled for ages to find a pattern like the one my gran made for me 30 years ago. It photographs terribly but I promise it is excessively cute.

Baby bonnet

Now if only I could find some f&*$#$* boy fabric locally without having to spend a fortune to buy some online. Boys need handmade stuff too!



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8 responses to “Sewing up a storm

  1. That little white pinafore is so pretty!

  2. Leslie

    How’s the weight going? How many days to the doctor? I love the bubba dress and bonnets too. I put my boys in stars, stripes, checks and LOTS of blue as little ones- I’m not sure they had any ‘boy’ fabrics- don’t suppose teddies count… then the transport and pirates phase, next was camo, now it’s skulls(!) and boardies! Tempus fugit.

  3. How fun to have a huge sewing goody-box to go through! That is a very special dress, and I hope you get to pass it on to a daughter one day. Love your baby bonnet, it has such a cute retro look. Happy stitching!

  4. I adore that bonnet, the fabric and the style are super cute. I saw a lovely little bonnet a bit like it today on a little baby girl. She was so lovely. Apparently her Mama loved it but her Father said she looked like a little Amish baby (minus the wagon of course). Men have no taste. All babies should have beautiful bonnets like your one!

  5. what a great package to find on your door step! nice boy’s fabric is SO hard to find, especially if you don’t want Army and camoflage stuff and to pay a fortune!

  6. bookwormbethie

    oh that last pic of the bonnet with the balloons (?) is painfully cute!

  7. Loving the hats! I’m about to embark on bonnet making again, really similar to your wee one here – the vintage pattern is so sweet. But I’m wondering if you added anything to stiffen the brim? There used to be this great interfacing at spotlight, but I’ve not been about to find if for the last 8 months and I’ve just run out of my stash of brims I cut last summer and now I’m not sure what to do… any advice?


  8. Mark

    Just new at sewing my wife is teaching me. I would love to make a cute dress like that for my granddaughter. And the bonnet is adorable. Where did you get the pattern? This would be cute for my youngest G-baby

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