Are we there yet?

It’s Labour Weekend here this weekend and I am like that little kid in the back seat squirming around and whining “Are we there yet? Now? How much longer? What town is next? And then?” It’s been one of those weeks. Rastus cost us $462 at the vet. Yeah. I can forget having spare money for a while.

BUT….I’m determined to change course and focus on the positives:

– I got a gorgeous gift this week. Yarn. Silk/merino yarn. Yarn so soft I want to take it to bed and spoon it. Yeah, yarn that feels that good. Jessicah very kindly sent me a skein to cheer me up after my bad week last week. It was the perfect mail yesterday. Thank you Jessicah, it was so generous (and delicious). 2 ply scares the bejeebers out of me but I’m going to sit in the sun and crochet myself a couple of beautiful headbands so I can go for a walk in the wind and not look ‘windswept and interesting’ when I get to the shops. The colourway is sky. Take a look at Jessicahs etsy shop and prepare to drool.

A wonderful gift

– I lost 900 grams this week, the first time I have managed that much in a long time. I’ve now lost 16kg (35.2lb) and only have 10.7 to lose. I am over halfway!! One minute it was so far away, the next thing I know I’m miles past it! I now weigh 92.7kg at WW and that means I’m 90.7kg (under 200lb!!) at the hospital. The doctor said he would refer me at 90kg so I’m basically at referral weight!! I have two weeks to get closer to the 80’s. Omigosh the 80’s….when did I last see them? I am turning so vain these days, I check myself out in every mirror or shop window. I now weigh the weight I was before I met Dave. The old me is back. I’m babbling with happiness, can you tell?

– I walked into my street today to an almighty noise. The birds were taunting this poor pussy cat, just out of reach. They kept swooping just out of reach and cackling. He was not a happy cat! It was one of those little scenes that can make you chuckle for the whole afternoon.


– The very beginning stages of my dream came true today. Very tentative baby steps so I won’t say more right now. Suffice to say there is light at the end of the tunnel and November the 14th will be an amazing day. I’m planning on taking business classes next year. I know exactly where I want our life to go. Now I just have to figure out how to keep heading that way.

As usual with these blog entries I finish typing only to see I have so much to be thankful for and how good life really is!



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8 responses to “Are we there yet?

  1. 16 kg! That is just awesome- you are so inspiring. And that wool is really beautiful, I can’t wait to see your headbands.

  2. Those are some pretty sweet positives, I would roll with ’em.

  3. stitchymom

    Ouch about the vet bill :(.

    That yarn is GORGEOUS!! That was so sweet of Jessicah to send it to you.

    I’m so happy for you for how much you’ve lost thus far!!! The amount you’ve lost is about how much more I need to lose to be at the weight I was at when I met my sweetie 20 years ago ;-). You kicked ass for your last weigh-in! That’s exciting that you’ve met your referral weight.

    Very tentative baby steps are good :).

  4. bookwormbethie

    gorgeous yarn! and congrats on all your happy news you shared! i’m glad things are going well for you right now.

  5. That vet bill sounds painful, but the rest of it all sounds great. Way to go on reaching your goal!

  6. Knowing where you’re heading. It’s such a great feeling isn’t it?

  7. Good on you hun. That is certainly very good news for you.

    Congratulations on your step towards your ‘future’ too. That’s exciting isn’t it when progress no matter what the size is tangible.

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