Toddlers sunhat

I stumbled across this sunhat pattern ages ago and saved a copy. I printed it out and promptly did nothing. The pattern has been kicking around in my pattern pile getting a little creased but I was put off by the suspicion that the hat would be too ruffly. I finally decided to give it a go as a chance to try something different. So glad I tried it. I had a little trouble sewing the edges due to my thicker outer fabric and not trimming the corners hard enough but as long as you don’t look too hard at my sewing the hat is adorable, functional, has polka dot lining and only took 2 fat quarters and 2 hours (and only because I dawdle). And the amount of ruffle around the edges? Perfect.

Toddler sunhat

Toddler sunhat



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5 responses to “Toddlers sunhat

  1. Thanks for the hat link….it led me to your lovely blog.

  2. Your one looks way better than the one on the link pattern. It’s just gorgeous. x

  3. glendasikes

    Very cute! I love the polka dot fabric on the underside.

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