Bitter sweet

It’s been a bitter sweet week here – after only a month of trying my walking partner from Weight Watchers is pregnant. I knew they were tryng but damn, her fiance must have some freakishly determined little swimmers or something for it to be so immediate. I was hoping I’d at least get to my next specialist appointment (20 days!) before she got pregnant. I know I’m making progress (15.1kg lost!) and my time will come but it’s not here yet and so it still stung, you know? After 18 months on this baby rollercoaster I am over the freaking waiting. I’ve been seeking comfort this week and colour – anything to distract myself and keep the tears at bay:

Seeking comfort - my favourites

Seriously people, I have never wanted a motorcyle riding, helmet and google wearing dog more in my life. Not that I knew I wanted one before but thats not the point.


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4 responses to “Bitter sweet

  1. Leslie

    Different stressors to mine but… ); This is the time to have the biggest heart and make a lovely project for your friend. But don’t start until she’s at least three months- you just never know. Hope that the good karma will come back to you and all your arty-crafty mates will be just itching to do something lovely for you, Steph, when your turn comes. Give yourself a hug, walk harder and tell the chocolate you’d eat it if you wanted to but you just don’t want to!

  2. glendasikes

    That’s how quickly it happened for my hubby and me when we started trying, and I know it was hard for friends who’d been trying longer. It can make things awkward in a friendship, for sure.

    Congrats on your weight loss!! That is such a fantastic accomplishment. I’ve only lost half of that amount and it’s made a big difference in how I feel — I imagine you must feel tremendously lighter :).

  3. alison

    Keep on believing that it will happen Steph. Smiles from this side of hill for you.

  4. bookwormbethie

    stay strong steph, i know it is frustrating that your friend got preggers so fast, but you and dave’s time will come. it is hard to be patient when you want something so bad, but keep your chin up and stay strong. sending you a big virtual hug, hope that doesn’t weird you out 😉 and try not to cry, crying only leads to wandering to the fridge and taking out the ice cream, you don’t need that 😉

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