– Do you ever go thrifting and see something that catches your eye and you love it before you even get close to it? You want it, you have to own it, you hope it’s a decent price and you’re shocked such a score is still there. I saw this rag rug on Saturday and had to own it. I was happy nobody else in the crowded store had snapped it up but kind of annoyed that of all those people I was the only one with such good taste. $4 later and it looks perfect in the conservatory, like it is supposed to be there:

Thrifted mat

This article is so funny I literally rolled around laughing. I swear you will not regret reading it.

– Crocheters have you seen this amigurumi pattern creator site? Genius!

– I am so close to having a finished crochet item. I’m big on starting, not so big on finishing so that never fails to get me excited.

– There’s two weeks until Labour weekend when it’s traditional to plant your tomato plants. It’s my first garden ever and I am excited. I’m not so excited that I caught my cat toileting right where my tomatoes are going to go. Not erecting a fence once you’ve cleared the garden bed is an amateur mistake that I will not be making again.

– 24 days until my next specialist appointment. 24 days!! This is the one where he refers me to the fertility people for treatment!! There’s a waiting list to be seen but we’ve really come so far from where we began. I get a little giddy thinking of it. Soon.

– If I lose 100 grams tomorrow night at WW then I get a gold star for losing 15kg. I had no idea that gold stars could be as exciting at 31 as they were at 6 years old.


Rock on.




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4 responses to “Randoms

  1. Leslie

    Excellent! I’m sure you’ve lost that 100g as I’m certain I’ve found it…

    Fantastic effort- sure your specialist will have to approve of your commitment. Good luck. L xx

    BTW cherry tomatoes are very satisfying- so much quicker to ripen and they often self seed for next year. I like generous plants. 🙂

  2. cats have a magnet inside them that compels them to toilet precisely where you’ve just planted precious seedlings, or prepared earth for it. They just do. Otherwise, I’d have six leeks coming up, and not just one …

  3. bookwormbethie

    congrats about being 24 days away from your long awaited referral. it has been a long journey, glad you are approaching a marker in your journey.

    gold star stickers? of course it’s okay to be excited about stickers. i still buy them myself!

  4. glendasikes

    In case you haven’t already removed the paint from your kitchen cabinet doors, this post on Design Sponge today has a couple how-to’s: http://www.designspongeonline.com/2010/10/before-and-after-basics-hardware.html.

    I hear ya about the gold stars!! Hope this week’s weigh-in was a successful one.

    Very exciting that your next doc appt is so soon (exciting AND nerve-wracking, I imagine)!!

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