The blood, sweat and tears baby pants

I finished them. The supposed “just for practise, easy as pie, quick as, hardly any fabric cos they are so dang small” baby pants. The ones that resulted in physical injury for me, violent flinging of needles through the air, 2 crying jags (sleep deprivation), cutting three pairs of pants to make one wearable pair and oh so many swear words.

It took a couple more incidents. Oh there were incidents. I forgot to lower the overlocker foot. This does not make your stitches look nice. On the plus side the stitches are so loose that unpicking them is really easy. (Also really necessary). Then I sewed right up to the crotch stopping at just the right place and choked slightly when I realised I forgot to lower the cutting blade which is about an inch ahead of the needles. At this point I started to worry that 3 metres of fabric might not be enough to get one finish pair of baby pants. But they say the third times a charm and I guess so because other than only having black elastic they were suddenly, perfectly, finally finished.

The blood, sweat and tears pants

They have so much effort put into them, they have hope in every stitch and I am also painfully aware that only a fool makes 9-12 month baby pants in cream. But at least now (once I try and save the first two attempts) I can risk making pants in nice fabrics. But not just yet. My overlocker and I are taking a break from each other, for the sake of the relationship. We’re seeing other hobbies for a while. I have a hot date with a crochet hook in just a little bit…

(The pants are Yoga Pants for Happy Babies from the book Meet Me at Mikes. Other than my user error the pattern is excellent.)



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8 responses to “The blood, sweat and tears baby pants

  1. Jen

    they are nice
    practice makes perfect
    and I know your child (to be) will be wonderfully dressed when the time is right

  2. They look really lovely and beautifully finished ~ well worth the blood, sweat and tears. Look forward to seeing your crochet creations :O) x

  3. bookwormbethie

    glad your pants have a happy ending ๐Ÿ™‚ they are beautiful and there is nothing wrong with making white creamy pants sized 9 – 12 mo. in the States there is such a thing as “winter white” so your baby will still look good in those creamy colored pants even if its winter.

    i’m sure once you get used to your overlocker it won’t be so tricky. even with my new sewing machine (and of course i’ve sewn before) i still keep my manual on my desk to consult when needed.

    have fun on your hot crochet needle date!

  4. oh this brught back similar fraught memories for me! You’ve done well to persevere – my normal response would be to throw offending article in bin, and try again – if I ever do! – much later! When we have our heart set on completing something, and it doesn’t go right……..well, it can make PMS seem like a blessing!

  5. It has taken me 7 years to get ‘used to’ my overlocker and even now I have days where we disagree.
    I think overlockers are much like husbands/partners.. some days you just mesh together so well and make such beautiful, perfect things that you feel like they really complete you, other days you want to throw them out the window.
    But you always hope they come back (eventually..).

  6. Ah, the joys of sewing! Well done anyway, hope it hasn’t put you off! x

  7. glendasikes

    Oh Steph, those are so CUTE!! Love the fabric, love the colors.

    I don’t blame ya for switching to crocheting — after I do sewing, I nearly always am ready to ignore my sewing machine for a while ;-).

  8. Patz

    Oh this had me in stitches!! I am nowhere near making something as lovely as these, but boy oh boy I shall keep practicing… even with swearwords, screams and tears if I get to make something so nice! I also love love love the bunting!! Did you do the embroidery?? Gorgeous and oh so pretty for spring here ๐Ÿ˜€ XOX

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