Sometimes you gotta laugh…

…because the only other option is likely to involve going bonkers. I decided to make some ‘yoga pants for happy babies’ from this very buy-worthy book. I thought a small project I can fold away for future use would be a good way to become familiar with my overlocker(serger) and help me learn the basics of clothing construction for when I’m thin enough to make the skirt I so want to wear. Easy peasy. Who mucks up baby pants? Turns out…I do.

Mistake #1: I cut them out wrong. You know the side of the pattern that says ‘fold’? That line where you place the folded fabric? Yeah…I cut out both pieces wrong before I caught the mistake. Luckily it was a very large length of cheap thrifted thick corduroy so I had plenty to recut the correct pieces.

Except my finger got too close to the cutting path of the scissors and I cut a nice flap of skin.

On the same finger the cat gouged yesterday.

Pattern pieces cut, ironed, pinned, finger sore but not bleeding. So far, so good acceptable.

Fire up the overlocker. I was worried the fabric would be too thick to sew.

It was. I broke a needle.

Turns out replacing an overlocker needle requires the manual and the fancy screwdriver.

Which I can’t find.

Oh yeah and it’s now midnight. The time frame for making these pants is ‘not more than 1.5 hours’. So far it’s been 3 hours.

Hunt out the screwdriver, replace the unbroken outer needle with a sturdier denim needle. Go to replace the broken inner one…and realise I have to remove the outer one to get to it. Insert inner needle.

It won’t go in.

At all. No matter what. Using the tweezers to help me hold it I flick the needle across the room at high speed. And repeat. I only find one of the needles. Thankfully I have a full pack of 5 to fling around willy nilly. Then I lose the needle screw which is approximately as big as an atom. Like so tiny it gives me palpatations thinking of trying to replace it. Five minute hunt with a magnet on the floor including shaking my clothes and imagining an embarrassing and costly trip to the repair shop. Magnet sweep the whole floor, roll around sobbing (little bit ready to give up at that point) then flop into the chair.

Instantly spot tiny screw.


After a major late night meltdown involving tears I suddenly realise my needle problem. It involves not reading the instructions correctly. The needles were facing the wrong way around. Seriously.

Insert needles in 10 seconds.

I need to rethread the overlocker now. More profuse sweating at the thought of it. At this point I really did a bad thing. I comfort ate two ham sandwiches with ranch dressing. When you’re on weight watchers thats like…a big no-no obviously. Oh the points I scoffed. I’m already dreading my weigh in tomorrow as it is and there’s only a month until I see the specialist again. Plus I still have to rethread the overlocker and sew the freaking baby pants. That will definitely have to wait for daylight. Freaking babies…I haven’t even got one and they already cause me no end of trouble.



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5 responses to “Sometimes you gotta laugh…

  1. I’m sharing your pain. Last week I tried to take apart a sewing machine that was gifted to me just so I could clean and oil it and dropped the tiniest screw and well…? Need I say more? I’ll probably have to take it to a repair shop and I don’t even know if it’s worth it. Damn sewing gremlins!
    The easiest way to thread my serger is to knot the new thread to a piece of the old and pull it through. Don’t know if this will help but hoping your next serging adventure is better. šŸ˜‰

  2. Amy Seven-Stitches

    Sleep is good. I find that anything that frustrates me after 9pm will frustrate me even more if I’m still trying to do it at 10. There there is my pigheadedness that tell me I have finish whatever I’m doing before I go to bed and going to bed is a movable deadline. Have some sleep, even if if doesn’t look better in the morning, at least I can see you’re already laughing about it.

  3. Okay, I don’t think I will buy a serger.

    I can imagine I would be ready to scream and throw myself on the floor and wail and kick my feet!!

  4. Leslie

    I think the GOOD THING is you have identified the emotional trigger for over-eating! Yay… Is the glass half-full, half-empty or broken? LOL

  5. bookwormbethie

    oh no! sometimes it is so hard to walk away from our projects when they are frustrating us, but sometimes that is the best thing to do. i have learned once or twice the hard way that easy peasy patterns take twice as long šŸ˜‰

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