Busy times

Despite a couple of wet yucky days the weather is definitely warming up. Spring baby!! Which means it’s time for all those decorating plans I had when we bought the house in late summer. I’ve spent all winter thinking about which hideous old lady decorating disaster is going to be the first to go. Dave’s ghastly bright green and yellow computer room? My badly decorating, peeling around the edges, one coat of paint on the door frames sewing room? The kitchen of many colours, none of which match? Tempting but in the end the cheapest, fastest job seemed like the best place to start. The hideous pink kitchen cupboard doors. Oh yes, that pink is going. The hinges are completely painted to the doors so I have no idea how I am going to get them off without causing huge gouges (any tips?) but I’m just so happy….the pink is going:


The decorating has inspired a lot of spring crafting too, there are unfinished projects everywhere I turn. I got the jar of hexies out which can only mean trouble:


A cheerful yellow bunting is also underway:


But I think the crafts might have to wait. The electric sander and the ugliest shade of pink paint in the world are about to get hot and heavy.


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5 responses to “Busy times

  1. All my door hinges were painted on. I used paint stripper, painted it on and waited till it bubbled, and then had at it with a scourer (wearing gloves). It’s not the funnest job, but you really only have to get the paint out of the screws. Then, if you can unsrew the screws, you can bang on the back of the door to detach the hinge. It’s messy, and the paint will be botched, but the actual wood will probably be fine.

    I cannot WAIT to paint my kitchen cupboards. Mine are poo brown. Ick!

  2. glendasikes

    I was going to suggest what Kate did — paint stripper.

    I have this “how to paint cabinets” site bookmarked for future reference: http://thriftydecorchick.blogspot.com/2010/09/how-to-paint-cabinets.html, in case you don’t already have something of the sort. The post was helpful, and so were the comments.

  3. bookwormbethie

    good advice, you need to be able to unscrew those cabinet… i also don’t know how important it is to match up the hinges with the cabinet it came from as well as putting the cabinet back in its same spot???

  4. Leslie

    Hi, Steph. Have you considered leaving some of the doors off for display? Less painting and stripping…Plus negative detail or some such. LOL

  5. Paint stripper is very good advice. I might even sand down around where the hinges and other hardware was attached unless you are stripping the whole cabinet. You might want to take a peek at new hardware for your cabinets while out and about because hardware can be an easy way to change the look of your kitchen. Happy decorating!

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