An extra layer of protection

As my ripple blanket slowly grew I realised there was a pressing problem – some sort of anti cat security device was needed. As it grows bigger it will become irresistable to searching claws and I’d prefer they refrain from kneading it into shreds until it’s finished at least! The very next day after I realised this I walked into the thrift store and saw a basket with a lid. Oh I love it when that happens!

Anti cat protection

I used some stash fabric that I didn’t think I would ever have a use for and stash elastic (I LOVE making a project and having everything I need on hand!!) to make a basket liner – there’s no point protecting it from cats if the basket ends up snagging it. It’s big enough to hold the growing ripple, the yarn, a simple washcloth project for when I need a mindless break, the little colour chart I made and the pattern is tucked down the bottom in case I have a mental hiccup.

Anti cat protection

And I am so in the mood to sit and crochet today. We were gifted a beautiful, sunny day yesterday – just one days break in between the horrible windy, wet spring weather. And I spent the sunny morning doing a 10km walk! A few months ago when I walked up to the local water tower I couldn’t walk the next day. Now I walked a 10km(6 miles) event yesterday and am going up to the water tower later, for a little light walking. And we’re talking about doing another 10km walk in 7 weeks!!! I’m going to have to find out the route – I’m not ready for hills yet! But we’re talking about doing a duathlon next year and….well it’s all going crazy! I’m a little bit worried because I’ll probably have lost my weight loss buddy by then – she and her partner have decided she’s lost enough weight to try get pregnant now so basically I am at the mercy of her body! But I think that I’ll just have time to do the duathlon in April before I start fertiity treatment of my own and what an achievement that would be! The only issue – I thought leaving home at 8.15am yesterday was early but the duathlon rules say you should be there before 7am! The thought makes me feel faint. I best go crochet and ponder this whole fitness thing! (But I am so going to have a kick butt weigh in on Tuesday night!)


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5 responses to “An extra layer of protection

  1. The ripple blanket looks amazing! I think I need one of those!! I am glad you found a way to keep it safe from the cat!!

  2. Jen

    very nice sewing basket
    and WTG with all that walking

  3. It looks so pretty in it’s own basket. x

  4. Glenda

    Love the basket & the fabric with which you lined it.

    Good for you for doing the 10km!!! I bet that felt pretty awesome.

    Hoping you did, indeed, have a kick-butt weigh-in tonight :).

  5. Way to go on the fitness goals! That is such a cute basket that you found.

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