The baby basket – part 1

Yep, it’ll be a 2 parter. One day I’ll take you through the toys and accessories. For now here’s a peek at th clothes, all thrifted or gifted.

The smocked dresses. The one on the left is exactly what my gran made me to wear as a little girl. She has arthritis now so it’s nice to knoq tht if I have a little girl they will be able to wear the same sort of sweet dresses I wore.

The Baby Basket

The rest of the dresses including a $10 christening gown and two vintage nightgowns:

The Baby Basket

The rompers and overalls (photo taken seperately. I hung them up last weekend after the dresses, oohed and ahhed over them then apparently put them away without taking a single photo! Duh!) The blue overalls secon from the right are a size 2 swimsuit. Imagine a little cowboy or cowgirl running around under the sprinkler in those! And that romper, third from the left? Favourite thing ever. EVER. Handmade with vintage style fabric.

The Baby Basket

That one little romper is the definition of ‘why I thrift’:

The Baby Basket

Not all of it is thrifted though. Other than the little blue newborn socks all these handknits are gifted. The vest is from Lisa and is so sweet and tiny. The rest is from my mother. I was supposed to sell it on etsy but over time as it became clear that having a child would be so hars and my mum developed carpal tunnel and doesn’t knit much now I decided that I preferred to keep it. My baby will be wrapped in the most beautiful handknits:

The Baby Basket

There’s also a pile of ‘other stuff’ too – sheets, blankets, fluffy diaper pants (like I wore, real old school!), a couple of prefold diapers and the only brand new thing in the baby basket – a snappi which for those who don’t know is the modern version of diaper pins:

The Baby Basket

So…there’s your peek into the first of the plastic tubs. Now you know how bonkers I am, how much I enjoy thrifting and that I am totally going to have the best dressed baby in the world.



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4 responses to “The baby basket – part 1

  1. You are well prepared for when your baby arrives! And it sure will be a well dressed baby indeed. Lots of cute and gorgeous pieces there. Your shelf is perfect for displaying them too.

  2. Beautiful and unique baby clothes. Excellent reasons for thrifting.

  3. Janet McKinney

    That smocked dress on the left looks just like one I made for my (now 25 year old) little girl. But I don’t think I put a collar on hers. Have fun – there is nothing as beautiful as a little girl in a smocked dress. Pity mine grew up to be a tom boy!

  4. Glenda

    You’ve got some cute stuff there :). That’s cool that some of the things you have were made by your mom — very special goodies.

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