Scratching that craft itch

I had the urge recently to make something and particularly to crochet something. Without reliving the nightmare I will just say it did not work out very well. There were tears shed at the worst point of my frustration. It became clear that a quick sewing project was in order. By Thursday night when I had my final meltdown I just had to make something, I needed to create something asap. After a good nights sleep I decided that I would finally sew my first project from Soulemama’s book Handmade Home. Since I’ve owned the book for a year I figured it’s probably time to use it….

The kitchen sink has no draining tray thingy around it (one of those little things that annoy me out of all proportion to their size) so when I wash the dishes there are usually several waterfalls trickling onto the floor. So I decided it was a good time to make a dishmat based on the bath mat design so that just maybe I might be able to do a load of dishes without using half a dozen tea towels at a time to stop the flood! I was able to save a holey, ancient towel that I would normally throw out too which felt really thrifty and pioneering.

Dish mat from Handmade Home

I’m actually quite keen to do a sinkful of dishes just to test it out. But not quite keen enough to actually go do them. Progress on my ripple blanket has come to a halt right now too. I added a couple more colours before my motivation left me:

Slow progress

Weight loss update: current total loss of 12.8kg/28.2lb. Current weight: 95.8kg/210.8lb. I’ll crack 200lb just before it hit 90kg which is pretty exciting. My losses have gotten smaller lately though which is frustrating me. I’m only so grumpy because I have a target to meet and hate the thought of not hitting it otherwise I’d be very happy to sit back and enjoy my huge progress. Nothing has made me happier lately than being thin enough to try on thrift store clothes. It makes me feel normal.

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a little peek inside the baby basket? It’s actually just a couple of huge plastic tubs now but I’m planning on going through them to see what’s what (yeah, sometimes I don’t even know what I’ve collected!) so maybe you’d like to see some of the prettier vintage dresses and stuff?



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9 responses to “Scratching that craft itch

  1. Leslie

    Go on- show us! 🙂

  2. I sure hope your motivation comes back for your ripple blanket – it is GORGEOUS. The colours are amazing.

    You are doing great on the weight loss. I have lost about 9.5kg. I have stopped going to weigh-ins as of last week, but am continuing sticking to points and tracking at home.

    Please do show us through your baby basket.

  3. your weight loss is awesome! yep lets look in your baby basket!

  4. Both the crafting and the weightloss are amazing. You’re such an inspiration! Keep at it, Steph : )
    Would love to have a tour of the baby baskets x

  5. Awesome job with the weight loss! I love the little dishmat too, I must make more of those bathmats they are very handy to have.

  6. bookwormbethie

    I hope your motivation for your ripple blanket comes back too, it is so bright and cheerful and makes me happy to look at it, and sad that I don’t know how to make one myself!

    It must be hard to be experiencing smaller weight losses, but hey, at least you are still loosing weight!

  7. Hi again! I really hope you’ll keep at your ripple: I love the colours!! Very happy 😀
    Please do show us the basket ;-), I’d love a peep… And congratulations on the weight loss; I know it can get so frustrating when that bloody number moves too slowly… Keep up the good works, all of them!! XOX from the other end of the world.

  8. Glenda

    I agree that the colors on the ripple blanket are gorgeous.

    Very cool about your continued weight loss. That equates to a couple sizes in clothing, right?

  9. I have to INSIST that you show off the contents of the baby basket!

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