A spring in my step

Oh, sweet Spring is here at last! I have made it to the other end of winter – the happy end. There’s a polar blast due soon of course – winter is never keen to let go. But in the meantime there are trees blooming left, right and centre. Oh joy! My Daphne bush bloomed this week and it smells divine:


Can you tell it’s been quiet here? I walked up to the water tower every day this week which is as exciting as it got. But I am finally about to start my first ripple blanket this weekend. If I can tear myself away from doing nothing for a while anyway.



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3 responses to “A spring in my step

  1. Glenda

    Gorgeous flowers!! I’m glad you’ve gotten a taste of Spring.

    Very cool about walking every day. Do you enjoy it?

  2. jen

    yaye summer will be here soon

    wtg!!! with your walking

  3. I love Daphne, the perfume is divine! Rachael xo p.s. good for you walking, exercise is the best for weight loss!

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