The ugly square of happiness

A couple of weeks ago I was very lucky to thrift 6 balls of Sugar ‘n Cream Sport cotton. Finding cotton in NZ that is not natural or white or hideously expensive is virtually impossible. So I was thrilled to snap it up. The only problem was the colour. Mint green. I loathe it with a passion. It’s the colour older women who knit choose to knit baby clothes in when some pregnant person decides they don’t want to know the sex of the baby. My mother will whip it out to make booties at the mere hint that some woman she may have once met briefly 5 years ago has skipped her period. So I’m finding the colour slightly blah. But it’s 8 ply compared to the bulky 10 ply cotton I last worked with and it is a dream to crochet with. So I decided that it is perfect to whip up a little pile of baby washclothes. They make for blissfully mindless stitching in the unexpected sunshine (I desperately need mindless relaxing right now) and besides I can’t think of anything more fitting for mint green cotton than to wipe my future babies bottom with it!

mindless bliss

I lost 500 grams at my weigh in this evening. I’ve been exercising a lot lately including walking up a hill (quite a big deal for lazy ol’ me!) to the local water tower several times a week. I’ve now lost 9.6kg (21.1lb) and although I was hoping to hit a nice even 10kg before I see the fertility doctor on Thursday I can’t be unhappy about how well I have done. I have less than 15kg to lose before I can be referred for fertility treatment.


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7 responses to “The ugly square of happiness

  1. You’re doing so well! …and I quite like the aqua/mint green washcloths…

  2. LMD

    Fantastic weightloss! There IS a far worse colour than mint…that vile shade of lurid pink- not shocking pink or lovely rose, more sugar. Particularly pleasant in polyester!

  3. bookwormbethie

    go steph go with your weight loss! i know you are so proud of yourself and i bet dave is too! you should sew yourself up something nice to show off your new figure, perhaps an elastic waistband skirt?

    so funny that you don’t like mint green, i rather quite like it and find it soothing.

  4. Go you that’s awesome šŸ™‚
    And mint green…yup, only good for wiping bottoms I say! Though in saying that, babies tend to look cute in whatever you put them in…you think somethings hideous, and then put it on and you’re like awww so cute!

  5. Glenda

    I don’t mind mint green when it’s mint chocolate chip ice cream :).

    Walking uphill will work wonders on your legs and butt!! I’m with Bethie, you should make or get your mitts on something that fits your new shape better — even throwing a t-shirt on the sewing machine and taking in the sides to make it more form-fitting will feel wonderful when you put it on!

  6. I agree about the cost of good cotton in NZ – I just don’t even look anymore!! But I would have been chuffed with your find – I LOVE the colour – in fact it’s one of my favourite!!! Oh well, it takes all sorts doesn’t it? And congrats on the weight loss – it’s soooo good. x

  7. You have done so well.Keep it up.Its not easy trying to lose weight at the best of times.Its taken me a year & a half to get 2 1/2 stone off.I just need to track all the time.
    Well done you.

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