Goodbye to July

Has anybody else had a particularly rough month during July? It seems that it’s been rougher than normal for a few of us. I’ve certainly been feeling like this a lot lately:

funny pictures of cats with captions

Whatever could go wrong did go wrong. My mood has been terrible and my motivation hasn’t been far behind it. Curse that lack of sunshine. But July is finally over and when I get up in the morning it’ll be the first day of the last month of winter! Spring is in sight! And I now weigh DOUBLE FIGURES!!! Yes, I cracked the 100kg mark on Tuesday. Oh happy days! I’m slowly heading back to my Pre-Dave weight. My pants are so loose they flap alarmingly and new jeans are fast becoming  a priority. I see the fertility doctor on Thursday next week too. I’m hoping to be referred for IVF by Christmas. So I think it’s time for me to say enough is enough, no more winter blahs and here’s to a brand new month! I hereby pledge to start and complete three whole craft projects in August. Now I just have to make sure I don’t spend the whole first half of the month deciding what those projects will be…



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7 responses to “Goodbye to July

  1. Way to go on the weight loss! Definitely, treat yourself to some new jeans! I had a serious case of winter blues in February this year, it seemed like winter would never end. It’s amazing how much better the sunshine makes people feel.

  2. bookwormbethie

    july has been a rough month, but hip hip horray that soon it will be a new month and we can start fresh.

    glad your clothes are flopping all over you. keep up all the good work and stay positive!!!!

  3. yes July has been a tough month! Oh but well done you on your weight loss! That is just fantastic! Rachaelxo

  4. Glenda

    July’s been good for me, but it’s summer here so there’s plenty of sunshine and that makes a HUGE difference for me! Six or 7 months from now *I* will be the one grousing about winter ;-).

    Very exciting about breaking into the double digits!! And needing smaller-sized clothes is cool too :). Think “sundresses”!!

    Three craft projects sounds do-able. A triptych of some sort, maybe?

  5. jen

    Wtg on the weight loss
    praying August is a better month for you

  6. Keep up the good work – you are doing fantastically!

    Love your blog and your makes.

  7. Congrats on the big baggy clothes!!! Here’s hoping August brings lots of joy into your life. x

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