Just in the nick of time

Just when I was in dire need of sun I awoke yesterday to the most perfect cloudless winters day I could have asked for. I flung open the doors and windows, loaded up the washing line with lots of lovely clean laundry and just…recharged. Bliss.


And this photo was taken of Rastus by our old neighbour before we moved but I only just managed to find it on this fancy laptop with it’s 50 million folders.


Isn’t he gorgeous? Rastus was loving the sun yesterday too. Today was not quite as sunny and I’ve been hit with a nauseous tummy thing but any day without rain is a good day in a Wellington winter.

I did perk up enough to go to my WW meeting this evening. I was dreading a gain due to a Friday/Saturday “I am SO OVER the rain, I just don’t care anymore” pig out. But surprise surprise I lost 1.6kg! I’ve now lost 8.1kg (17.8lb!) and am now 100.6kg. So close to double figures. My fertility appointment is in 23 days so fingers crossed I can even weigh a bit less by then. (I was supposed to weigh double figures by May and I feel guilty now) I am thinking I can hit my referral goal by Christmas at this rate – just in time for the best months of summer. Awesome. This whole weight loss thing is all about having a baby and I never forget it but I am really loving how good I look as the weight comes off. I may still be 100kg but that 8kg loss has made a huge difference. Bye bye jelly belly!! I don’t ever want to see you again!! A summer where I don’t want to hide under inappropriately heavy layers? That’s going to be VERY AWESOME!!



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6 responses to “Just in the nick of time

  1. Yay, for a sunny day and for the weight loss! šŸ™‚ I live in a very rainy climate, and I hate to admit how much the weather affects my moods.

  2. Sunshine is always welcome šŸ™‚ Congrats on the weight loss! Rastus is adorable as always šŸ™‚

  3. bookwormbethie

    congrats! and you should not feel guilty about not being in double digits like you wanted to back in may. you should be healthy about your weight loss, you know not starve and sweat yourself sick, so you are doing good! i *know* you will be in double digits in 23 days! just think how proud your fertility specialist will be about your weight loss! and i’m sure dave is quite proud of you too! and i’m glad that you are enjoying your new body shape and can wear fun new things!

  4. stitchymom

    Sunshine is especially wonderful after not having it for days on end :). Glad some was shining your way!

    That Rastus is a gorgeous fella, but he already knew that, right? ;-).

    Hey girl, you are ROCKING the weight loss!! I know you’ve been wanting to wear skirts in the summer . . . sounds like you’ll be doing that very thing next time summer rolls your way :).

    You know, I had some of my best weigh-ins after being on-plan most of the week then having an off-plan day or two right before weigh-in. It tends to all balance out in the long run.

  5. stitchymom

    Oh, stitchymom = Glenda.

  6. nothing like the smell of sundried laundry, love it!

    well done on your weight loss, you are doing so well!


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