Friday randoms

– Rain and wind. Repeat often. Increase periodically, usually when halfway home. Try not to go stir crazy.

– On a fairly related note I’m going stir crazy. I’ve cleaned most of the house, cleared out my sewing room, slept a LOT and before I get so desperate I start cleaning the bath with a toothbrush I’m determined to master knitting. It feels like the right time now, you know? I previously wanted to because everyone else was and that never worked. But now, I just want to for me and for my family. We’ll see how it turns out. Maybe being more ready to learn will help me? Being left handed doesn’t help, thats for sure.

– Since nobody would come paint pottery with me I bought a necklace for my 5% weight loss reward. It is a good visual reminder of how far I have come – especially on nights like tonight when I want to eat something sweet and might need a visual reminder to put the food down:

5% reward

– I thrifted this bag last week. It caught my eye and I went bounding over to the window and went “Ohhhhh!”It’s not my usual style but I can see myself using it a lot in summer. With a knitting project in it perhaps.

Thrifted bag

– I’m feeling a bit down this week. Lack of sun, lack of fun. I think it’s time to vanish into my sewing room and finish a few projects. There’s nothing like holding a completed sewing projct in your hands to make you feel good.

– Maybe it’s time for a giveaway….



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4 responses to “Friday randoms

  1. I can totally relate to a lack of sun, lack of fun. But I love your new bag!!

  2. Nice necklace, and what a great summery bag!

    The weather at the moment sure is a downer. Roll on summertime.

  3. Congratulations on the weight loss!
    I would have loved to paint pottery!
    Awesome purse and you thrifted it!
    Get sun first and then sew!

  4. jen

    I LOVE your necklace
    cheer up my friend HUGS

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