I must be crazy

I’m showing signs of being totally off my rocker these days. For one thing I am still walking every single day. Some of those days have been the coldest, wettest, windiest crappest days you can imagine too. Think a southerly gale straight off the ice of Antartica combined with rain soaked jeans, shoes and socks wet from stepping in a puddle I didn’t notice (every day! You’d think I’d remember!) and then imagine doing it again tomorrow. BLURGH!!! Oh and guess the weather forecast for tomorrow…and the next day….and the next. Fun times ahead for me.

Cold days

And for some mad crazy reason I decided to start selling at a craft market fortnightly starting July 3rd. Oh yeah, that’s 6 days from now and I have barely any finished stock. So my chronic low iron is making the exercise feel like a hike up Mt Everest every day, my every spare hour is spent frantically sewing toys  and I am only at the start of all this! My coffee table is covered in half finished projects and one of these days my craft blog might feature a craft project. And hopfully even a thrifting before and after project. Oh, ambitious!

Cold days

The photos are just to show that it’s so cold the cats will let me put stuff on them. Ohhh, maybe I need to get out my cat hoodie.



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7 responses to “I must be crazy

  1. who can forget the weather in windy Wellington? I’ve never felt such cold strong wind in my life as when there. good luck with the craft market and well done for keeping on with the exercise.

  2. jen

    good on you for keeping your walking up
    all the best for the craft market

  3. Hang in there! I don’t think you’re crazy at all, just working hard. 🙂

  4. glendasikes

    That’s not crazy, that’s determined :).

    Good luck with the craft market!!

    Those are some smart kittehs ;-).

  5. bravo to you for walking in yucky weather! i hope your weight loss continues!

  6. LOL! I remeber the cat hoodie- who could forget the model. Bravo to you for walking in spite of the weather. Good luck with your crafts fair.

  7. I think there are some suns on the Met Service’s website for the next few days… hope they stick around for you.

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