Seeking warmth

It’s been cold and wet (not surprising when you consider it is winter but it makes the cold and wet no less depressing to me) and I’m struggling to feel inspired after my teeny tiny weight loss this week. The usual “I’ve got nothing more interesting to show you mosaic” reflects my desire for warmth, comfort, light and a wee bit of disturbing humour. I think the plan for tomorrow has got to include some thrifting (that always helps a case of the blahs) and some hand sewing. And maybe a Jane Austen movie. Or Titanic, my secret guilty pleasure. If I can’t have cake then damn it, I can at least have Leo and Kate. Oh what the heck, Dave’s not home from work for a few hours yet. I think I’ll go watch me some sinking luxury liner action right now.

Seeking warmth



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7 responses to “Seeking warmth

  1. Took me a few minutes to work out what the hell that hairy stomach was! xx

  2. Oh, that beer belly made me laugh out loud! Wonderful! And such sweet photos surrounding it 🙂

  3. Aww…I spot my little Nuku Nuku in there 🙂

    That beer belly is too funny!

    Enjoy your movie!

  4. There are some funny pictures in your collage! Hope you enjoyed the movie. I love watching Leo and Kate to. I hope you’re not discouraged about the weight loss. Maybe you built more muscle this week? When I started working out, I actually gained weight but went down a size- since muscle weighs more.

  5. come speak with me about weight loss. I’ve lost weight with weight watchers lately. It’s good. It would be better if I tried harder! I like the rainbow buttons… belly blah!!

  6. APART from the belly I’m with you on the other beautiful images. The little patchwork bonnet is just sooo cute I may have to try and find a pattern …

  7. glendasikes

    Hah! The “beer” one totally cracked me up!!

    Love love love that scarf.

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