The reward system

Around here we operate on the reward system. I’m lazy, I need something to aim for. As I slog through this weight loss journey I have decided I need LOTS of somethings to aim for. If I have gotta give up cheesecake then damn it, I want rewards aplenty, thank you very much. So I have decided to reward myself at six points – six rewards should be enough to keep me motivated. I’ve struggled with what those rewards should be though. First I decided they should be baby related but quickly decided that since a baby is the ultimate aim of this journey that the rewards should be completely selfish. Hmmm, yeah I can cope with that. I have tried to make the early ones small and gradually get bigger. If anyone has any better ideas than the ones I hae chosen please feel free to tell me about it!

– 5% goal (5% of my beginning weight watchers weight lost – 103.2kg): paint a vase at Swish Dish. School holidays are in July, I better hurry up and drop the weight! I hope to hit this goal in 2 weeks, 3 max. I desperately need a vase. You know, for the flowers that Dave never buys me.

– Under 100kg: A facial at the beauty school clinic. Double figures, it’s been a while. Looking forward to it. And there’s nothing like a little pampering at cut price.The shoulder massage is gooooood. Oh my yes.

– 10% goal (97.8kg): still haven’t picked one yet. Any ideas that are fairly cheap and super indulgent are welcome! I’m leaning towards ankle boots but I know you guys always have great ideas!

– 90kg: bra shopping – after losing 18.7kg the girls will need some fresh support plus I’ll finally fit bras that come in a colour other than beige. Oh yes!!

– 85kg: MY REFERRAL WEIGHT!!! This is the weight at which the doctor can refer me for fertility treatment. I get to make that skirt I bougt some pretty fabric and a book for. I havent worn a skirt in…..but damn, I’m going to strut into that bossy doctors office looking good.

– 80kg: Get married. The waiting list once you get referred for publicly funded treatment can be long so I figure losing 5 extra kilo’s can only be a good buffer. Plus as a cherry on top I’ll look super gorgeous when we get married next summer.


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7 responses to “The reward system

  1. jen

    all the best my friend
    goals are good šŸ™‚

  2. These goals sound good!

    How about giving yourself a gift certificate to etsy for your 10% goal?

  3. Hey, you don’t have to give up cheesecake. Have you tried the WW ones? Only two and a half points and very tasty.

    Good for you setting some goals and rewards. I am thinking when I reach my goal weight I might just get a tattoo!

  4. Great ideas! I’m all about the reward system. What about a manicure or pedicure or both? I love the foot massage I get when I get a pedicure. Keep up the hard work–it’s a reward in itself – eventually. šŸ˜‰

  5. Nicky

    What a great idea to set goals for each percentage.
    Thats what I need to inspire me !!
    Thanks so much for the great idea šŸ™‚

  6. Think the rewards sound great – especially the facial! Good luck with the ongoing weight loss. x

  7. Jan

    You go girl! Lots of luck reaching your goals. You have inspired me to try a similar thing.

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