Belly laughs

Oops the humans left a drawer open. Better investigate:

Digging to Narnia

Who put these tea towels in the tea towel drawer? They are only getting in my way? (I was laughing so hard that I could barely take a steady photo by this point)

Digging to Narnia

Oof! This drawer is a little small for my rear end:

Digging to Narnia

Belly laughs with Ginga are the best medicine for a little sadness. Although they usually involve replacing the tea towels, straightening half the linen cupboard or in one case throwing away a broken dish.



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8 responses to “Belly laughs

  1. jen

    you might have to get a tripod like B14 got himself

  2. glendasikes

    Too dang funny!! Silly you, thinking that drawer is for tea towels ;-).

  3. Lol! I laughed out loud at those pics! That is one nosey kitty : )

  4. lol! Congrats on getting a shot at all! I’m always running to grab my camera only to find the battery needs recharging. *sigh* :0

  5. your cat is crazy!
    And comgratulations on the weight loosing – I’m feeling bad right now that I’ve just eaten my third piece of chocolate brownie :{

  6. great pics, had a good chuckle especially the last pic!

  7. How adorable, cats are so nosy. xx

  8. Thanks for the comment on our kitchen. I love our floors too! Have you thought about just updating the doors on your kitchen? Mum did her’s like that a while back, putting new doors on but keeping the layout the same. I think it was quite affordable, and it just looks like a brand new kitchen. (Using the doors that sit flush with each other on the outside of the cupboards.)

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