– 900 grams lost at last nights weigh in. A total of 3.6kg (7.9lb) lost in three weeks. Awesome.

– I told you about the awesome things I thrifted last week. The first one I haven’t gotten a lot of use out of yet. It’s been ‘claimed’:
MY new lazyboy

– After being allowed outside for two whole months Rastus has finally figured out how to use the magnetic cat door to get back inside.  We were actually considering saving for a new wooden door (at least $500) to put in a normal cat door (the cat door is very high on the glass door which makes it hard for the cats) so the fool could get inside to safety. He’s saved us a fortune! There is still the issue of Ginga being almost too fat for it….

– I never show Ginga on my blog. Sometimes it bugs me but I just don’t how many shots of his butt you’d be interested in. Probably not many….
He climbed up there himself btw. No open cupbard is safe. I find cat fur in my roasting dishes.

– The other thrifty find was the most wonderful cot/crib sheets. They both have the quirkiest embroideries on them in tiny stiches. I also got a cot pillowcase but pillows are unsafe in cots so I’m going to cut out the pillowcase embroidery and put in a hoop on the sewing room wall when it becomes a nursery:

Cot sheets

– A couple of close ups:
Cot sheets close up

Cot sheets close up

– I heart thrifting. I think the above photos explain why.



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10 responses to “Randoms

  1. jen

    WTG on the weight loss 🙂

    and good finds 🙂

  2. Oh those sheets are just so cute. I had one a bit like those when my wee ones were babies and so many people commented on it I hardly knew who to give it to when we moved out of the cot phase.
    And, I am SO impressed with your weight loss, and inspired, too.

  3. Well done Steph… you are going great guns. (There is a guy at my meeting who has lost 5kg in two weeks… I’m still 700 grams away from 5kg, and I’ve been at it for 8 weeks! Makes me frustrated! lol)

    Rastus and Ginga seem to be very content. It always makes me happy to see happy cats!

    Those sheets are too cute, and perfect for your nursery.

  4. Those crib sheets are so stinkin’ cute! Congrats on the weight loss!

  5. giddy

    Congratulations! You say that no open cupboard is safe… MY cat will open the closed ones to get inside. LOL! 🙂

  6. Way to go with the weight loss! And I love the pic of Ginga in the cupboard!

  7. well done Steph!

    love the cot sheets!

  8. bookwormbethie

    gorgeous stitching on those thrifted crib sheets. clearly you are burning calories while thrifting 😉

  9. glendasikes

    Well that loss is definitely motivating — I’m glad to hear you so pumped up :).

    Adorable embroidered sheets!!

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