Eco bag lady

A few years ago I bought a simple calico eco bag from a local organics shop. It had a picture on the side and it just made me happy to look at it. I’ll buy anything if it makes me happy to look at plus being a big thrifter means you use a bag often! With so much use my eco bag got a little ratty, dirty and boring. Not making me want to show it in public. So rather than buying a new one I thought I’d make one out of recycled fabric I thrifted. It seems more authenticly ‘eco’ to me than buying a new eco bag. I thrifted a piece of fabric a while ago that I was told came off the back of a sofa. It covered the top where your head would rest. I lost part of it due to the remnants of an enormous and badly placed ‘care instructions’ sticker on the inside but still had exactly enough for a beautiful bag.

New eco bag

The fabric reminds me very much of crewel embroidery which I love immensely and definitely makes me happy to show it in public. Plus it rolls up into a tidy little tube shape so it’s no going to be creased as badly as the old one. I road tested it yesterday when it came home stuffed full of thrifty treasures (next post) and it did very well. I might have to reinforce a few seams though, just to be safe. It’s scary how much I can stuff in a bag.



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7 responses to “Eco bag lady

  1. Nice bag… looking forward to finding out what went into it. (And where those thrifty things were found…!)

  2. I totally agree. Thrifting is a million more times more eco friendly than buying new. What bugs me about a lot of so-called green products is that they don’t change the way of thinking – they just replace one form of materialism with another.

    Okay getting down off my soap box.

    I like the print on that fabric too!!

  3. jen

    what a pretty happy bag 🙂

  4. LOVE the fabric!! I too made a bag recently – the first one for me – why did it take so long?!!!! Just to let you know there’s a little award for you over on my blog. Please don’t fell you have to do it but would love to know 10 more things about you and get some new reading in the process! x

  5. I love that fabric! What a cute bag. 🙂

  6. Can’t wait to see your thrifty treasures.
    I love making bags and have used linen tea towels which are so great – nice and colourful.

  7. This reminds me of my lampshades I purchased from Ikea!!
    Beautiful bag!!

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