A place to rest my dreams

I found the perfect shelf a month ago at the thrift store, the sort you see and want but never expect to show up at the thrift on the day you happen to have enough money to buy it. It was one of the things on my list of stuff I really, really want to score but don’t expect to. I finally got Dave to put it up today and now I have the perfect place to put my ‘baby things’. The things I’ve made/bought/collected for the day my dream of becoming a mama comes true – the ones that are too special to put in a box in the wardrobe. It even has a bar under it so when I finally make my Kool Aid dyed ripple crib blanket it can hang next to the most beautiful thrifted mint condition christening gown and the teddy bear Dave bought me on our 6 month anniversary. Three years ago today, I just realised. Time flys doesn’t it? So this is where my dreams rest and grow and wait:

A shelf of dreams

I was supposed to come back days ago and tell you I lost 800 grams at my first weigh in. Yay! It was a tough first week and I really didn’t think I would lose anything. Anyway life has gotten severely in the way lately, it’s been one of those weeks months so please excuse my silence and tendency to say one thing and do another.

By the way does anybody have any help for a sewing machine (Brother BC2500) that won’t go in reverse?Both the reverse button and the needle up/down button are just beeping at me insolently and refusing to work.



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4 responses to “A place to rest my dreams

  1. LMD

    Hi, Steph. A good start! I know you have a goal for this but it will also be its own reward. Your knees, heart and self-esteem will thank you. I’ve tried a lot of weight things over the years but this was maybe the best because it is about education and self-monitoring but also the support of the group. Anything worth having is worth the work. I’ll be rooting for you- while trying to deal with the spare 20kgs my three darlings gifted me… ;0)

  2. That shelf looks so cute with all your little treasures on it. I hope your dream of being a mama comes true for you soon.

  3. That shelf is so very cute!

  4. Wonderful thrift find and it looks wonderful on the wall. Congrats on the weight loss – it is hard but it does get easier! x

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