My crochet fever was interrupted by a real fever. I was struck down by a bad head cold bordering on the flu this weekend. It made me ravenously hungry (when you now pay Weight Watchers $17.90 a week to fix that problem this is annoying), weak like a little kitten, desperate to cry (that was weird) and inclined to nod off after a row of my scarf. It is fast approaching 2/3 done though and I am trying not to think of the bajillion ends to weave in – not an exaggeration: 160cm long scarf, 2 ends every 2cm colour change…eep 160 ends!

I have my second weight watchers meeting tonight. The head cold hunger and being too sick to concentrate, let alone exercise make me think it won’t be a loss but you never now, right? Weighing my breakfasts has been a big eye opener for portion sizes and although I haven’t always finished the day on or under my points I’m coming close. I must admit it has been tough at times and this is on my mind a fair bit:

funny pictures of cats with captions

Will be back tomorrow with a scarf WIP reveal and a weigh in. If I am back with only a scarf photo you know how my weigh in went.



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11 responses to “Sickies

  1. Oh, good luck!

    I am so bad at portion control. I am also having to learn that I am ALLOWED to leave food on my plate.

    Hope you feel better and the weigh in isn’t too horrid.

  2. jen

    opps the computer had a life of its own

    I think D4 and I have that head cold now

  3. The points thing takes a bit of practice, so if you’re coming in close on your first week then you’re doing great.

    Saw your weight loss on FB – well done!

    I lost 500 grams this week, a total of 3.1kg. It is slow going for me. I might give it up though, after next week they’re canning the meetings and are just having a ‘weigh and go’. I know where they can go! Very convenient for them to charge the same and give you less than half the service.

  4. glendasikes

    Weighing portion sizes has been helpful for me, too. I’ve slacked off on keeping track of points while hubby is in town, but I am, at least, better aware of what a proper serving size is. A plus is that I’ve eaten very few sweets the past couple weeks – I’ve been using Chocolate Chex (without milk) or Strawberry Frosted Mini-Wheats when I have a sweet tooth. The Chocolate Chex racks up the points (and calories) FAST, but nothing like cookies or a candy bar would, so it’s all perspective ;-). I don’t think I’ve lost weight (see preceding sentence about Chocolate Chex LOL), but I feel like I’ve accomplished two important things: (1) better aware of portion sizes and points values for things I commonly eat, and (2) swapped in cereal in place of high-fat, high-calorie, low-nutrient sweets. Baby steps!!

  5. Hope you feel better soon. We’ve had the other side of that flu around here. On that WW thing I’ve never done it personally but a friend who has lost and maintained the loss says in the beginning she mark the points on the boxes as she put them in the pantry. Glenda is so right about the baby steps!

  6. bookwormbethie

    feel better soon. and don’t feel bad about wanting to cry. when i am really really sick, i usually cry a bit just because i feel sooooooo darn miserable.

    once you feel all better it will be easier to get back into your routine of portion control and exercising.

  7. Be strong, you can do it! I had an ob appt today and was told I had gained 8 lbs in a MONTH! I almost died. I am going to have to watch what I eat too I guess. Sigh.

  8. hope you are feeling better, good luck with the scarf and the weigh in! Rachaelxo

  9. Sorry you’ve been so sick! I hope all went well with the scarf and the weigh in. 🙂

  10. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    The portion thing is something I’m working on too. I have cut my breakfast right down (weighing my cereal) and was SHOCKED how many calories I can save in a week just by having a smaller breakfast. Now the biggest challenge is to try and getting moving more as I’ve plateaued weight wise.

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