Some faves

Busy trying to finish my scarf before the end of winter, preferably somewhere near the start if possible. Back soon with a little progress to show, I hope. (By the way I had my first Weight Watchers meeting tonight. A big step forward for my weight loss goal. So far so good.)



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4 responses to “Faves

  1. I love these posts, I find the photos inspiring!

  2. Congrats on your first WW meeting, and good luck. Would love to know how you get on (minimal weight loss for me this week, despite putting in good efforts with counting points and loads of exercise – I think I’m faulty! lol).

    GORGEOUS mosaic!

  3. A beautiful collection of photos once again!
    – re our new space, oh my, you have no idea how much that new space is going to be apprecated. The house we live in now is TINY. I was thinking I might take some photos actually and do a post on it, our space is going to double 🙂

  4. I love looking through Flickr. You always make such beautiful collages with the images you find.

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