Crafting moments

I haven’t felt particularly energetic this week and have chosen to take it rather low key and do a little crafting. There’s just something so satisfying about making progress in long term WIP’s or even starting and finishing a project within the same week.

– I’ve finished dyeing my kool aid colours. A tutorial will be coming next week if you are interested? Now to start my project…


– I spent a wonderful hour sitting on the back steps in the autumn sun making a little progress on my ripple scarf. I’m on track to finish it…in Spring unless I pick up the pace. But oh that hour was just what I needed. A glass of icey cold Coke Zero, a lurking Rastus and overhearing two little boys who were climbing a very big tree nearby. Funniest phrase overheard: “ouch, my ding dong. My ding ding a long.” *snort* kids.

An autumn moment

– Finally cutting into that pile of linens. I so love giving them a second life instead of binning them:


– Handmade Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner came yesterday at long last. I have coveted that book for ages.

Handmade Beginnings

– This quilt is the reason why. And oh my gosh this photo even has a tiny little baby on it:

Quilty love

It’s enough to make me get teary to think of making my own version for my own baby. I had to postpone my next fertility appointment until August. It should have been today so it makes me feel more than a little down. This weight loss is hard people. I’m thinking it’s time to call in the big guns. Weight Watchers. *sigh* Tuesdays 6pm, down at the community centre. I can do that. Like my motto says: it’s for a baby, it’s worth it. Plus my mum said she’d help me pay for it. I can live with that.



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9 responses to “Crafting moments

  1. Actually WW is pretty good. I’ve always been a curvy girl but I lost 10 kg at WW and I kept it off for a good few years. Some has crept back on but I can live with that. I put it off for a long time because I recoiled from the idea of being on a diet but WW was nowhere near as bad as I thought. Good luck with it, I hope it suits you and that it gets you step closer to that baby.

  2. I would love to know how you dyed the wool… but also what kind of wool you used in the first place, and where you got the kool aid!
    Good luck with the weight loss; it really will be worth it.

  3. MiA

    Lovely yarns! Dyeing with KoolAid is on my wishlist 🙂

  4. glendasikes

    I just rejoined WW online a couple nights ago :). I’ve had success with it before; right now I need some guidance on portion sizes, etc. Yes, weight loss *is* hard. I’m sorry you had to postpone your appointment; on the flip side, August will be here before you know it.

    “ouch, my ding dong” — haha! I love overhearing kids’ conversations.

    Lovely yarn. Enjoy your new book.

  5. bookwormbethie

    glad to hear you are thinking about WW and that your mum loves you so much that she is willing to help foot the bill. best of luck with it all!

  6. haha, little boys…funny! love your kool aid colours, gorgeous! you will loose the weight, baby, baby, baby! Rachaelxo

  7. so many fun projects !!!
    i have a crush on the bunting… i love the embroideries !
    and your photos are beautiful.
    i have some kool aid that traveled with me from the US but of course never got to drink (we used them to add a slpash of color in the icecube tray !!!) and never try to dye yarn although i’d be very curious to do so !

  8. Photocopy that lovely quilt (and bambino!) and post it on every food cupboard/fridge/freezer as an incentive to stick with the weight loss. WW is great. DH lost a stone and a half and is still looking great 10 years on, so keep positive – it will be worth it and you can do it : )

  9. Good luck with WW – I’ve been there (in fact I should have gone yesterday!). Love the colours on this post – the yarn, the most beautiful quilt!!!, and the scarf will be lovely – I’ve not tried ripple yet but plan on it this winter (if the quilting doesn’t get in the way!!!) x

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