Crafting from the stash

This is a no-spend month for me. After last months big spending frenzy (so many amazing finds!!) only something really amazing will part me with my money during May. It ‘s going to be hard but it’s not like there’s anything at the thrift store I can’t live without. For the month of May it’s strictly crafting from the stash. I did so well last month at the thrift store that this will not be a problem – it’ll force me to get creative. Last week was quite rainy which gave me plenty of time to stay away from the thrift store and practise. Because this may be a May challenge for me but less spending and more making could and should be a year round action. First a couple of projects I have planned to make for months and that, after all that procrastinating, naturally only took mere minutes.

A plastic bag caddy – we have far more than I’d like but they still have their uses around here:

Plastic bag caddy

Made from one of these amazing tea towels and stash supplies. I changed the design halfway through so the casing was unplanned and therefore pretty rubbish but it’s functional and cheap but pretty. That’s all you need right? Fuctional, cheap and pretty. Now I have a question…what the hell are those little plastic drawstring things called? I have forgotten and it is driving me bonkers.

After that I made a rag bag out of the corner of a thrifted tablecloth:

Rag bag

It’s less attractive using the corner but not hideous and it means that I have enough left for something else….and it hangs in my laundry above the litter box. I doubt the cat is going to complain about the funky looking rag bag. Another stash project so it’s made with hemp twine. I may replace that if it frays too much. I am not about to run the risk of it snapping when the bag hangs above a litter box after all…

Draught snakes

A commisioned project for Dave’s friend Matt. He wanted heavy draught snakes. He’s a strange guy, half serious and half wet your pants funny so I made one classy toile one and one googly eyes one so he can choose which one he uses and where. Both made from stash and since he wanted heavy ones they are filled with play sand. A bag of play sand is the same size as a 5kg bag of flour (10lbs) but it weighs 18kg. More than heavy enough.

Now I’m going to draw up a list of projects I can make from my stash this moth and consider whether a fiscal fast month is a good time to also declutter. I think it is. Wish me luck.


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4 responses to “Crafting from the stash

  1. Working strictly from your stash will definitely help you declutter. My stash is the clutter! Lol I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. 🙂

  2. jen

    a good use for a tea towel
    and I like the draught snake with the eyes though my mind is boggling as to where to might end up with Daves friend 😉

  3. I am also trying to not spend money as the stash is out of control. I did make a bag with stuff that has been laying around for ages so I felt really good and the bag is great.

  4. I can’t tell that the rag bag is made out of the corner of the tablecloth! 🙂 Love the googly eyed draught snake! 🙂

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