I have secretly lusted after a BooMonster Trophy Head from BooCraft for a while. I was thinking that something so cute must be seriously expensive but it wasn’t (it really should cost more Deb!) and so finally I thought I better just go ahead and get one. Deb very kindly made me a custom green one – I wanted one that might one day hang on a child’s (of unknown gender) bedroom wall one day – and I am so happy with it.

BooMonster Trophy Head

It’s currently squished in the corner because I just had to hang it up right now but I will hang a hook in the middle of the wall asap so it can hang proudly in full view. I was petrified of monsters under the bed until an embarrassingly large age and so this monster will serve a dual purpose – for now it will just look awesome on my sewing room wall and then eventually it will help a little one feel safe knowing the other monsters won’t come to a house where you get stuffed and hung on the wall!!



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3 responses to “BooMonster

  1. jen

    hes very cute πŸ™‚

  2. This is too cute! Wished I’d have thought of it. Is there someplace I should visit so I can get the story of how they ward off monsters? I’d love here it, just saying. πŸ™‚

  3. He doesn’t look like a monster. He looks like a cuddly sweet animal to me. So cute!

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