Baby did a bad bad thing

I spent far FAR too much money at the thrift store this month. I am embarrassed to admit how much I spent. When we moved I was gutted to find that this suburb has only one thrift store. It turns out that a suburb with only one thrift store and lots of old people who die and leave estate lots to that one thrift store can be a very very good thing. I’d prefer not to reveal the true size of my habit/hobby/obsessive compulsive addiction to you but here is the top three picks:

Space Invaders!!!
– A Space Invaders fabric panel. Even Dave wanted me to buy this! Any non quilt ideas for what to make it into?

Baby basket
– A wicker basket. Currently full of stashed baby toys but with Ginga eyeing up every crochet project as a potential cushy bed this might be pressed into use as an anti cat device for my WIP’s.

Vintage embroidered linens

– The motherlode of vintage embroidered linens. Most of them are from one estate lot and bought this week. I have looked for a long long time to buy linens like these. Some are cutters, some look unused and I see buntings, cushions and many other things. And some are so pretty I might just keep them as is. I’m beyond embarrassed at how much this lot has cost me but you and I both know it was worth every penny and I’d do it again in a second. But perhaps for the sake of my joint bank account privileges and relationship May might be a fiscal fast month. Hiding receipts from your partner is one thing. Hiding them from yourself is a bad sign!



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12 responses to “Baby did a bad bad thing

  1. I’m a sucker for vintage linens to. 😉 It looks like you found some real treasures.

  2. Congrats! Very envious of the linens.

  3. good score! can’t wait to see what you make with the linens…

  4. glendasikes

    You could turn the Space Invaders fabric panel into a floor pillow, or a big pillow to sit against in bed. That’d be an easy-peasy project.

    Oh my gosh, what a find on all those embroidered linens!!! Love those circle ones at the front of the picture.

  5. That space invaders panel would def in my top ten thirfted things had I found it. It is AMAZING. No ideas what you could do with it without going the quilty route though. Seems a shame to cut it! Specially when, even though it’s not the point, it would haul a tonne of dosh on TM in its whole state. (I would bid. hahah.. that is worth at least a ball bag or two.)

  6. jen

    that fabric panel is cool
    also like the linens

  7. MiA

    Gorgeous Space invaders!
    My suggestion, eh.. now how to explain in english … sewing terms are not in my english vocabulary…
    Anyway fold something like 3cm at top and bottom and sew to make a channel. Then put billets/dowels (??) in each and a string at the top to hang it up as a wall decoration. Do you see what I mean?


  8. bookwormbethie

    i’m with mia. if you don’t want to cut it up, make the space invaders fabric into a curtain, or maybe a big headboard?

  9. What about a roman blind for the space invaders panel? You can take your own fabric to people who make them very professionally. They look so good and it doesn’t cost that much.

  10. Rachel

    What about a shower curtain for the space invaders panel – you could line the back of it with waterproof stuff and it would look awesome!

  11. omg! What awesome finds!

    How about getting some canvas stretcher bars and turning that space invaders sheet into a big wall hanging for Dave’s office? (that’s what we did with these two wall hangings:

    Those linens are amazing!

  12. Amy Seven-Stitches

    I am suffering from linen envy. That haul is awesome. I still coudn’t take to them with the scissors though.

    As for the space invaders – very big notice board or couch cover (heh heh sitting on the cover and playing an old atari – vy post modern) ?

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