Pre-winter nesting

Winter is not my favourite season. The lack of sun gives me the blahs, the constant rain makes them worse and the cold….the cold makes me end up doing nothing all season. I may not like winter but what a waste of a perfectly good season! Back when I knew we were moving into our own house I knew life would just be better. How could it not be? And it is, it really, realllllllly is. I’ll never have to deal with that pucker faced property manager again for one thing. Anyway…it all makes me more determined this year to not fall into the winter blahs. That was the old life. So in this very autumnal season of sunny invigorating days and cosy snuggle-on-the-couch nights I’m taking a little time to prepare and organise for winter. To start I bought a couple of little treats:

Pre-winter treats

The Kwik Sew book was secondhand on Trade Me (it costs NZ$40 new!! ) and comes with the previous owners templates which will be very helpful. I fell in love with the book when I saw this sweet photo. The Cath Kidston book was one I got out of the library and loved it so much I had to order it before I returned my library copy. The cool thing about it is that it comes with the precut materials to make the bag on the cover. I urgently need a new bag and although I suspect it’s a very small bag it will still be perfectly good for my wallet, phone and a small craft project until I find the right fabric for a bigger bag. I have jury duty next week and a bag to pop my current crochet project in will be essential for all the waiting.

The second pre-winter task is organising my WIP’s. That’s a rather ambitious goal considering I have no idea how many I have and have no wish to count them but lets just say I have more than enough for winter and it was time to organise the most likely to get done projects in one place:

Project organiser

The last house had no linen cupboard (renters don’t deserve them apparently) so we bought this cheap kids hanging organiser and put our towels and bedding in our wardrobe. Now we have this garish organiser kicking around so I have hung it in the conservatory with the projects I most want to tackle. They are in no particular order and may change as my mood changes but for now it’s helping me to know exactly where and what my next projects will be. They cover big and small, long and short so I have no excuses. Only time will tell if it works and helps keep the winter blahs at bay. Just in case I bought a copy of Titanic and rented Dances with Wolves. Nothing like snuggling under a blankie on the couch with a hot chocolate and a soppy movie to beat the blahs.



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6 responses to “Pre-winter nesting

  1. jen

    I much prefer summer too

    Ive never been on court jury before

    I actually really like the hanging organiser 🙂

    hope you stay happy and dont get the winter blahs

  2. Jury duty can be very boring… when I did it, my name was never drawn from the pool, so I just had to turn up every morning, sit in a room for half and hour, then leave. Hope you get lots done while you wait!

  3. I hope this winter will be much better for you. That looks like a good system for organizing your WIPs.

  4. i LOVE winter – but then again, i live in Adelaide, where it hardly ever rains and most days the skies a blue and sunny.
    but i love winter because it means i can curl up in chairs, watch re-runs of the gilmore girls and knit to my heart’s content. and i love winter food. and winter baking…..but not winter fat – which comes from too much knitting, baking, cooking and eating 😦
    hope you get through the winter smiling 😉

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  6. I can have the blahs in any season due to my allergies, but winter does tend to be easier on me. Just don’t talk about the temperature outside…and turn on all the light’s to make it as bright as possible!

    I just have to say the organizer for WIP is brilliant. I have 2 hanging around, getting in the way, and never thought to use them in my sewing room. Thanks!

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