Not much to report here. We’ve lived here four weeks today, the cats are allowed out tomorrow (goodbye litter boxes!!), it’s my 31st birthday today…this is the first year I have ever felt really unenthusiastic about it. It’s the usual story – another year older and no baby. Plus I’m positive I have just developed arthritis in my finger knuckle. Which definitely helps the feeling older part. Arthritis! Grey hairs and arthritis. I just hope I have a baby before I need a hip replacement and hearing aid.

Sorting the stash


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14 responses to “Heart

  1. I have had two babies since 31 and have another on the way. You are NOT too old! And you are making me feel ancient. :p

    Don’t worry I hate birthdays too, not because I am getting older though. Don’t know why, just never liked them, lol.

  3. Happy Birthday! The yarn looks pretty in a heart like that.

  4. Aww honey [hugs] . 31 is still young though!!

  5. JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE dear Stephanie !
    thinking of you from across the Earth & sending lots of birthday xo

  6. ps : i have a few gray hair, waited a couple of years before I was preg… I understand. no arthritis yet though. I hate time passing by (I lost all my family years ago that’s a big kick *ss reminder of how time flies I can tell you) but I enjoy birthday wishes !

  7. Elizabeth

    Happy Birthday! I got grey hairs in high school..lol

  8. jen

    Happy Birthday your not old
    Im nearly um . . . 40

    LOVING the heart

  9. glendasikes

    Happy Birthday :). I hope you found some enjoyment in the day, even though you weren’t enthusiastic about it.

    I’m an older mom — when I turned 31, I had not yet developed an interest in becoming a mama. There are still plenty of years for you to become a mom . . . and trust me when I say you can still enjoy mommyhood even when you have some creaky joints and gray hair!!

    I love the yarn heart, by the way.

  10. Woah, I can’t believe you’ve been in your house a month already. Time flies!

    Happy birthday Steph. I’ll be 36 and childless this year, so it could be worse šŸ™‚ At least you’ve got a few more years up your sleeve!

  11. it’s not arthritis – trust me – i’ve had it in just about every joint – and it eventually goes away šŸ˜‰
    happy birthday – i hope for your birthday this year you get a baby šŸ™‚

  12. You’re still so young, Steph. I had my children at 35 and 37 — you still have plenty of time. You are now exactly half my age — HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  13. Just catching up on everyone ~ a late Happy Birthday! xx

  14. Happy belated birthday!

    My friend has two healthy baby boys (under three) and she just turned 39, so you definitely have more time in you šŸ™‚

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