Moving House Part 2

I’m almost a little hesitant to show off any photos of the house. Sometimes when I look at it all I see is the 50 yr old carpet and that the walls are all very much  ‘before’ colours right now. I really have to remind myself it’s our first house. So please squint at the pictures and think about what they will be like with a lick of paint and time to make it our own, k?

Dining room

The dining room is possibly my favourite part. Finally my $40 dining table has a home! It desperately needs to be sanded and stained but now it has a home at least. And just before we moved I thrifted two slighly rickety but very affordable dining chairs. A table and chairs? Fancy! Now I just have to convince Dave to have dinner at the table one day. Dinner without being able to see the TV? Tres fancy! There’s something about being able to come together as a family at the dining table and eat together and share our day, it makes me feel more rooted than almost anything. You know what I mean? Oh and the wallpaper is grey with a pink tone, the flash totally ate the grey in the photo.

More watching the world

Rastus can see the neighbours trees blowing in the wind from the dining table. Moving trees both fascinate and terrify him.

Flowers for the casa

The flowers were from my mother. Aren’t they pretty? Flowers make any room nicer.

Love that blue

This is the laundry. A bog standard laundry but man do I love that blue paint! Some of the paint shades the old lady chose are so not us but this really is me.


The kitchen is in need of a lick of paint(it’s a limp shade of mint green but even my camera seems to dislike it)  but mostly I am just crazy in love with the size. It’s probably 4 times as big as our old one and the cupboards….oh the fact there are so many cupboards makes me so very happy. Being 50 yrs old though it’s annoyingly short on plug outlets. The cupboard door by the fridge is going to be painted with blackboard paint as soon as I get around to it.

Living room fireplace

This is the fireplace at the far end of the living room. I have an urge to paint it cream. The wall is a light minty green and the curtains look like the worlds ugliest paint palette vomited on them. I’ll like to paint the room something cozy and inviting. Frankly anything that isn’t mint green would work right now. Maybe white with a red feature wall. Ugh I dunno…tan and light brown might be nice and warm.

Watching the world

Rastus is just happy to have a low windowsill that he can get onto. You should see him try to jump sometimes. I’m embarrassed for him. You can see the living room curtain slightly. I’m too nauseated to show you any more.

So thats the main rooms of the house. A lot of the colours just don’t do it for me. The dining room and kitchen are open plan and the grey/pink wallpaper stops dead and turns into mint green paint. The venetian blinds on the windows are quite a bright blue. The cupboards are pink and the benchs are purple. It’s a colour fiesta in there! The two rooms desperately need some colour unity to bring them together asap! Time to get the paint cards out and choose some test pot colours I think! Any idea where I should start?


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10 responses to “Moving House Part 2

  1. Your new house looks beautiful, even before you do anything to it- the spaces are so big and inviting.
    I wish you lots of luck choosing colours. It’s easy to agonize over that! But I’m sure you’ll choose something lovely.

  2. jen

    bless your mum I love the flowers

    and the laundry is a real nice blue 🙂

    I LOVE big kitchens
    I was just saying to a friend this afternoon theres no such thing as too big a kitchen in my books 🙂

    personally Id leave the fireplace alone at least until after you paint the rest of the room. I like the wood detail in it

    I suppose im use to older houses or something but I really like your house and Im happy for you

    please can you update your address details in an email to me please

  3. I can see why you’re excited — the house is great! The rooms are spacious and light, and a new coat of paint is going to make all the difference.

    My living room and dining room do not get much sun, so I painted them a buttery yellow color and I am very happy with it. Your rooms look nice and bright, so you have lots of choices — I know it’s all going to turn out well.

  4. It is lovely and a new coat of paint is so easy! 🙂

  5. glendasikes

    “Any idea where I should start?” — When we moved into our house, the room that is now my office/crafting space had the filthiest walls, to the point I cringed everytime I walked into the space. So that’s the room we painted first. The other rooms were cringeworthy too, but not as much as that particular room [g].

    So maybe start with the room that makes you cringe the most . . . or start with the room you’ll spend the most time in . . . or start with the room that will be the quickest to paint.

    I love the blue of your laundry room. Gorgeous flowers from your mom. Fantastic from-behind photo of Rastus on your d.r. table. I’m envious of the huge window above your kitchen sink! You guys scored a really nice home :).

  6. have i already mentioned how envious i am???
    i realise it might not be perfect, but you have all these years ahead of you to make it your own. i rather like the though of owning my own home and spending years and years to fix it up – much nicer than today’s trend of buying something, tearing the guts out of it and making it all spangly new.
    enjoy every moment 🙂
    ps lovely cats

  7. I love your home! The rooms are airy and bright with lots of windows. I agree with the comment on the room that makes you cringe the most for starters. The study/den used to be that room for me. When we moved in we had three colored sHag carpeting in there and walnut paneling on the walls. It was very cave like and no matter how much I vacuumed the carpet crunched. Ewww! As for decorating ideas I love visiting They have so many photos of almost anything you could imagine. Congrats again on your lovely home!

  8. Cute cute house! Have fun turning it into your cozy home…and yay for getting rid of granny colors!

  9. It is going to be so lovely! And I love the blue! 🙂 A laundry room should be cheerful!

  10. I stumbled over your blog via Janelle of Heart Felt’s this morning and had to say hi.
    We have our first family home too, just new for us since November last year and wouldn’t you know it… our walls are that exact same light mint green as yours. I like to call it ‘asylum green’.
    Before photos are great because then you can really see when you have made progress and added you own touches. I lke you dinig room as it is though. The table is great, what a find!

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