A SuperVery cool giveaway

Moment of panic this morning when I went to take a photo of the giveaway prize and couldn’t find it. Turns out I already packed it and it took me hours to remember that. Since I am clearly too busy for blogging here’s a wee giveaway for you:


The giveaway is for a beautiful, gorgeous and stunning pendant by Sue of SuperVery. It is (I think) made of technoply beech which comes from a sustainable plantation. It features daisies with their heads towards the sun and oh if I was a necklace kind of girl I would so keep it. It has a long copper chain which you could shorten or swap out for another one if you’re clever like that. To get one entry to win leave a comment telling me what colour I should paint my new craft room because I have no clue what colour to choose! Bear in mind it will one day be a nursery and I may or may not want to repaint it then. For another entry blog about the giveaway and come back and leave a seperate comment saying you blogged about it. Entries close…well when we move and I can find it again. I’ll let you know the date later on.

Entries are now closed! The winner is Julia. Thanks for all your colour suggestions!



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22 responses to “A SuperVery cool giveaway

  1. You can’t beat an off white or cream, then you can add colour with details such as curtains, cushions, art etc….
    Good luck with the packing and shifting. xxx

  2. Lo

    I saw a picture of a gorgeous candy pink room today – but you might not want that for a nursery later – another happy and more neutral colour could be yellow though.

  3. MiA

    Hi Steph!
    My suggestion for a crafty room colour would be lilac/lavender/heather … since red is a colour that gives energy and inspiration (but in too much it can cause stress) and blue is a colour that gives harmony and peacefulness. Lavender as a mix of them should give the perfect balance between energy and harmony πŸ™‚ Also nice for a baby room and if a soft shade it is neither girlish nor boyish πŸ™‚


    ps. I have a giveaway too.. did you see it?

  4. Ros


    I would defiantly go for a calming sage like, natural green shade for the room. A lovely relaxing tone both for creating beautiful art and for babies!

    Best of luck with the move, I am gearing up to do the same in a month and the mere though of sorting out all my stuff terrifies me!

  5. jen

    I agree with Ros
    natural green shade
    to me green symbolizes new starts
    so to me that would be inspirational for crafts and starting new things
    this house is going to be a new start too
    one where you may never have to move again if you dont want to πŸ™‚

    also for a nursery it would be suitable for neither a boy or a girl and again a new start a new life πŸ™‚

    and by the way I LOVE the necklace

  6. shari

    a beautiful shade of creamy yellow that you dould easily accent with other colors. maybe the sunshine would accent your crafting endeavors for now!

  7. Hi! I think green is a nice color, it is really cool as a background for inspiring art and crafts, BUT!! It is also great for a baby room: fitting for a boy or a girl and really cool for when they are 4 or 5 and play.

  8. I really like a mint color these days for walls and I think it would be great later for a baby room too.

  9. I love the necklace! I would go with a soothing green or blue for the craft room, but I don’t know what your favorite colors are. Paint it whatever makes you happy!

  10. I just moved too, and you know what? The room that’s becoming my craft room will one day be a nursery as well! I would go with a buttery, golden yellow for the walls. It’s a room where you’ll be creating, sharing, building, and eventually making some sweet memories with your little one. I can’t imagine a happier color! It’s also easy to coordinate with black, white, grey, or navy blue for a chic look, or greens, blues and reds for a child.

  11. Nicky

    A lovely sunshine yellow. It will brighten your day to just go into that room. It will remind you of warm sunshine on a cool autumn day. It will be lovely for a little addition to your family, boy or girl.
    It will look like happiness.

  12. Warm sage green, or cool mint green. You can’t beat the pale greens for being soothing and also unisex for babies! πŸ™‚ x Helen

  13. I’d go a warm and light brown. It does well for a nursery and every colour appears to go with it. We’ve used Karen Walker’s Sandspit – so much nicer than that over done Resene Tea, which truth be told looks a little green.

  14. I think your craft room should be an off white color because you will have many colorful projects. Also a light color will give you better lighting.

  15. Thanks Steph for the opportunity to be in your giveaway…
    Best of luck with your moving… it will be so exciting buuut oohhh so tiring… a good sortta tiring though… Bethel

  16. So many good colour suggestions! I think a soft yellow is great for the craft room/future nursery. I like the sage colour someone else suggested too.

  17. My craft area is a lovely sage green – Aspiring by Resene. Would be fine for a nursery for a boy or girl too I reckon.

  18. Paula

    Ooooooh! So many colors to choose from. I really think the creamy yellow would be nice. You could easily make it fun and energetic or warm and cozy.

  19. Great necklace. I’m contemplating what to paint my new craft room at the moment too. I’m thinking about doing a turquoise color…

  20. gill

    definitely green!!!


  21. duck egg blue, but if it was me I’d probably do it a fresh white and jazz it up with accessories.

  22. I painted my nursery the loveliest colour in the world – it was dulux apple cream – and we got it half strength which I think is just perfect. I looks lovely with the honey coloured timber cot and changing table and perfect for both a boy and girl (which the room has housed at separate times). And man, would it be great as a craft room colour – but sadly I think it will still be another 16 years till I get a craft room again.

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