Calm in the chaos

This is moving week and if I thought it was chaotic before I was WRONG. The insurance company neglected to fax the lawyer a very important form which we need for the mortgage. I had a weekend of gut churning worry until I could call them this morning. It’s now sorted and we got our whiteware ordered this weekend. There is truly nothing let to do other than pack, clean and move. And go to the doctor before we move too far away. And take Rastus to the vet on Friday morning. And drop off some stuff to my grandma. And some to my mother. I’d cry but there’s no time. Maybe a giveaway is in order…watch this space! Right now I’m off to relax in the sun for as long as I can ignore the packing.

Colourful faves


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7 responses to “Calm in the chaos

  1. I hope all goes well for you. Don’t forget to keep us all informed on the move.

  2. Just think, this time next week you’ll be in!

    I finally got to the Post Office today to post your parcel (haven’t had a lunch break in weeks), so should arrive very soon. Hope it doesn’t stress you out finding a box to put it in for the move.

    Love the colourful mosaic.

    Good luck with the move.

  3. jen

    praying for you
    hope it goes well

    Ill be thinking about you

    I love the mosaic too


    itll be worth it in the end

  4. gorgeous set of photos once again. Oh dear, moving can be tough alright. At least when you’re all settled in and your kitchen has been packed, moved and then unpacked again (!) you have one truly delicious chocolate pie recipe bookmarked to make 🙂 And you’ll truly deserve it!

  5. I hope this happy mosaic cheers you up! Fun photos!

    Hoping you get everything completed this week…you can do it!

  6. Poor you! But it’s good chaos! Your own house ~ how exciting!!!!

  7. It is stressful! But rest assured you will find yourself on the other side soon.

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