Super Stuff Saturday

Yesterday was all about buying amazing stuff, truly amazing stuff:

– Big boobed Miss Piggy things. Like you could have left them behind either:
Big boobed Miss Piggy set

– Santa Russian Dolls!!:
Santa russian dolls

– The cutest sailor suit on the face of the planet for 50 cents:
Sailor suit!!

– A little girls hand painted plate. Really too sweet to leave there:
Painted plate

– And a spinning wheel:
Spinning wheel!!
I have no clue how to use it of course but it was only $30 online. I didn’t expect to win it but am so happy I did. They normally cost at least $60 for an incomplete one which is too pricey for something I have no clue how to use. But I have a drop spindle which I hope to use more (when we move and have some fricking space) and have always wanted a spinning wheel. I think it will be perfectly at home sitting in the conservatory which opens off my sewing room. I can see myself opening the door to the back yard and spinning with the sun and the breeze coming in or even taking it outside onto the grass and spinning out in the sun. Bliss. Amber’s spinning photos just make it look so good. Now I just have to take a spinning class and learn.

– I also bought two dining chairs bringing our dining chair total to….two. The space is so limited now that one of them has to live on top of the dining table but in 13 days I can eat at a table…oh yeah. I spend all my time going on about how I hate this or that about living here but what it comes down to is simple: when we move life is just going to be easier. Rock on.



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3 responses to “Super Stuff Saturday

  1. Looks like the thrifting Gods have been good to you this month! Great finds, love the sailor suit. xx

  2. MiA

    Of course you should use the spinning wheel to spin amazingly beautiful yarn!

  3. jen

    LOVE the expression on the Miss Piggy things.

    also love the fluffy santa

    aww loving the sailor suit ๐Ÿ™‚

    i use to have a friend who had a spinning wheel
    im wondering utube has any tutorials ๐Ÿ™‚

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