I Have A Dream

I have a dream. My dream is not nearly as noble as some peoples dreams have been. It’s just a simple dream, no changing of the world involved but I do have this dream for myself and for my future children and a hope that the world we create will be a safe and secure one where love grows. For now my dream is called “Two Pointy Sticks” but I don’t feel like that is the final name. My dream evolves as I do. It’s a yarn shop. It’s a fibre shop. It’s a beautiful bright and funky place with lots of colour and staff who know their craft inside and out and when you ask what worsted yarn is they know. There’s no little old ladies who sit behind the counter and knit nasty apricot coloured acrylic baby jumpers with little sparkly iron-on butterfly appliques. NO APRICOT!! But there is a wall of beautiful fancy yarns, some of which are crazy hard to find here in New Zealand – Malabrigo, Peaches & Creme, Debbie Bliss etc. No longer will people have to wait days for their order to arrive from the US or UK.

There is a wall of fibre too, unspun wool in a variety of colours and in undyed form too if you want to dye your own. There’s undyed wool for dyeing too. And the dye too naturally. No going to two or three different shops to buy all your supplies. There’s good quality needles and hooks. Metal and bamboo. A local craft store, a very posh one, has just lost my business for taking an order for me two weeks ago and saying it would be really fast…I’m still waiting. You’d think there was a worldwide shortage of 4mm bamboo crochet hooks. Not at Two Pointy Sticks. There’s hooks at my shop. There’s also gauges and row counters and not the spaces where ‘they’re usually there but we must be out at the moment’ but you never seem to visit the store when they are actually ‘in’. No way, none of that.We work hard to make sure we have them in when you want them. We order when we’ve run low, not run out.

There’s also wool felt, shelves of it in a proper range of colours. Some soft wool mix felt (I know money doesn’t grow on trees y’all, even in my yarn store dreams!) but also some beautiful 100% wool handmade, plant dyed felt that you buy because it feels amazing and you know it is exactly what your project needs. I’m tired of hunting for this stuff online and waiting in crafting agony for my supplies to come from God only knows where. I want local crafters to be able to come into Two Pointy Sticks and know we try painstakingly hard to keep the best quality supplies available in stock so they can get it when they need it. My local big box store has 9 rolls of red felt by the metre and not one roll is of a quality I would consider buying. What’s the deal with that Spotlight?? Huh?

I’m not a total dreamer so there is also a wall of the mainstream affordable stuff too – patons, caron etc. No acrylic though sorry. This is a natural fibre sort of place. NO APRICOT ACRYLIC YARN! There’s tables dotted around with beautiful handknits on them. Local crafters have made them – hats, booties, scarves. luscious ones that maybe you splurge on because you deserve a treat. When you come in to Two Pointy Sticks you feel happy inside. You know the stuff we sell is quality, you know we’ll know what worsted means and you’ll know that 99% of what we have is not also available at the big box stores for half the price.

Obviously this stuff will cost a little more, we’re talking quality not quantity here. But in return you’ll know we know our stuff. The shop will be tidy, there won’t be boxes of stock littering the floor. There won’t be one staff member for 5 customers. There will be well informed, well paid staff who love their craft and love sharing it with you.

Maybe something huge like this or something super insanely fun like this (I wish) – I dream of going to NYC just to go there. They have an amazing youtube video about their store that makes me die of jealousy! This store makes me drool too. You can see why my dream is eer evolving. The options are endless even if the message of Two Pointy Sticks is the same whatever the shape it takes in my head – local, knowledgable, fun. Crafting shouldn’t be a torturous, impossible mission.

P.S. if you’ve read right to the end of this marathon photoless post you’re awesome!! Thanks!



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15 responses to “I Have A Dream

  1. Oh, I have that dream too! I live in an area with no LYS and I have to drive to Dallas (about 80 miles away) just to find nice yarn. Only thing is, if I opened a yarn shop here, I’d probably be the only one interested in buying anything there ;-(.
    Good luck with your dream!

  2. I wish you could come and visit with me for a while…there are at least 8 yarn stores within a few miles of my house…I’m very spoiled

  3. Jo

    I would seriously move to wherever you opened this store. Sounds perfect. Another thing you MUST have is buttons, lovely buttons. I am so over trying to find really lovely buttons. There just aren’t any to be found 😦

  4. Sarah

    I hope your store will stock all the new books that never come to the library. The ones that inspire you to start new projects (maybe not finish). Sadly I live in England so even for me it will be too far to travel. Sarah

  5. It’s a lovely dream and it sounds like a wonderful shop — I’d love to visit.

  6. Nicky

    Id like a job there please.
    No need for a payslip thanks, Id like to be paid in yarn 🙂

  7. I hear ya, and don’t even knit. Even urky Spotlight is on the other side of town from me. Sigh.

  8. Ahh Spotlight… never has service been so slow or painful. I avoid it.

    I would definitely pay Two Pointy Sticks a visit. Will it have a stitching section? And classes for those who want to be creative but don’t know where to start? 🙂

  9. jen

    I would be right behind Rowyn in visiting your shop:)

  10. What a totally yummy goal to strive for! In my area this brave and very successful lady decided to take up spinning and it took off and has become a business; twelve years now I think. She has a yarn shop like ‘Two Pointy Sticks’ and she gives classes on spinning. I just found out about it and a going to go have a looksy. 🙂

  11. Rachel

    I would totally shop there!

  12. that is a wonderful dream, dreams can become reality you know! With no apricot acrylic!!! Rachaelxo

  13. I would love to visit your shop! I hope your dream comes true. It reminds me of a book I just read, one I think you might like, called the Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club.

  14. What do you mean no apricot acrylic?!! Where will people get it if you don’t stock it? (wink!)

    Personally, I wouldn’t stock mint green either.


  15. oh yes, totally read to the end of that because I was all swept up in your beautiful dream! I would be a loyal customer.

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