Ideas required

Dave’s mother was a thrifty woman. This is a very nice way of describing her. One of her less eccentric thrifty ways was to knit slippers. For anyone. I once admired Dave’s and the next thing I know there is a package of 6 pairs for us. Three years later she’s dead and buried but those slippers are still going. Four strands thick, they will withstand a nuclear winter. We’ve just received the final load of stuff from her house and it includes all the yarn she stockpiled to make slippers:

oh my

Oh my. 15 balls of black, 7 of red, 7 of brown and 9 of some stripy stuff and one lone ball of soft white baby wool. The yarn is all sturdy, scratchy acrylic and stinks like a slap in the face. She was a heavy smoker for 50+ years….you can imagine the smell. Thankfully acrylic is washable o the smell will be sorted out. What I can’t sort out is what the HELL do I do with it all? It’s too scratchy for clothes and I was thinking of making a floor mat with some of it. But there’s 38 balls! There’s only so many floor mats one house needs. So does anybody have any ideas of what I can crochet that takes 38 scratchy smelly balls of yarn? Cat toys, amigurumi toys….still plenty of balls left!

The back yard

Settlement on the new house is tomorrow!! The builders report had us freaking out about a few little issues so we went over this evening to check them out for ourselves. Due to Dave’s miscalculation we got there an hour early so we had a chance to roam the backyard without the real estate agent lurking. We discovered a real bounty too. Two apple trees, a garden with strawberry plants, carrots, potatoes and to my extreme satisfaction rhubarb! Dave doesn’t like it so I haven’t bought it since we have been together but now I can just go out to the garden and pick some for me. I know many of you may already own your own house so to you it is nothing but oh my goodness. The happiness it gave me to sit in the driveway and think that in less than a month it is going to be our house….we’ve lived in our rental house for over a year. That’s about 15.5 months of sharing a washing line with 2 other households. The simple joy of being able to hang anything I want on the line at any time of the day without caring if there is space left for the others…no washing machine right next to the toilet. No snoring spinster downstairs. No hearing someone else’s TV or radio or phone conversations. No more of those practically feral neighbour cats. Proper cell phone reception. A cat door. A garden. Not having to carry the groceries down a flight of windy stairs to get to the house. In the rain. A SEWING ROOM!! Pure happiness. So if at anytime between now and March 12th a blog post appears that contains nothing but sgjkghkldvileio then you know that it’s just me and I have finally completely lost my mind with excitement.



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15 responses to “Ideas required

  1. ehm…maybe you can make a cat bed (kingsize) with the smelly wool?
    I’m so jealous of your garden! It’s huge. Not that I’m a garden-person in terms of actually maintaining a garden but I love to sit in a nice neat summery garden with an embroidery or something!

  2. Oh sigh, I am trying to to be jealous. We have been living with my mother in law now for about the same amount of time you have been in your rental, sounds like. I dream quite often of having our own place again. Your home looks beautiful! I am so happy for you! Hope all those issues won’t be an issue at all!

    As for the yarn…. goodness, ummmm…. well, I think the floor mats are a good idea and the cat bed too! What about slippers? In her honor? Wish I could be more help, the colors seem so dark for toys…

  3. you are going to love having your own place! I’m super jealous of your rhubarb. I bought some tubers last year but forgot to plant them, so it’ll be another two years until the first crop comes up.

    Is there a way that you can make some sort of knotted rug with the yarn quadrupled? I feel like there is a quick project like this out there, but I have no idea how it was constructed.

  4. I am so happy for you! That backyard looks amazing.

  5. jen

    maybe make floor mats as your suggested and sell those you dont need

    wohoo for tomorrow

    nice big backyard and fruit and veges that are already established is a real nice bonus

  6. Sarah

    I so remember that feeling!We have had our house for four years and sometimes still can’t believe it.
    You could make a super warm throw rug by lining the acrylic with a cheap polar fleece throw…

  7. Oh, that BACKYARD! And the bounty! So lovely.

    On the weekend we sat in my new backyard, and despite the fact that instead of rhubarb there’s miles of horrid prickles that are trying to kill us, it was so peaceful and lovely. I’m tired of not really investing the the space where I am because it’s not mine, anyway. This will be MINE! Even that fact, leaving out particulars, is just so EXCITING! It’s ALL CAPS EXCITING!!

    I hope the things you found weren’t too scary. I freaked out after the building report too – luckily I’d factored the fact that it was a bit grimy and needed love and some plumbing attention into my offer, so it wasn’t TOO bad. It was more the and another thing, and another thing, and this little thing… all the niggly things that add up to a lot of work to do, and a neverending list.

    But then I thought about all the things I put up with in our rental, because I can’t fix them. The back steps that aren’t even steps, just bricks that slide around. The roof that leaks when it storms. The ugly suncatcher sticker from the last tenants that I can’t get off the window. As long as my house will keep me warm and dry (it will) and won’t fall on my head (the lean to might, but not for a while yet) then I’m still ahead of the game.

    I am still not over your GARDEN! OMG. Sadfnkldhf.

  8. Oh, and I meant to say, I hear that acrylic makes good scrubby dish things that don’t scratch but get food off well. I don’t think it’ll use up all the balls, but it might be SOMETHING!

    Mmmm, apple and rhubarb pie…

  9. Glenda

    Wow, what a fantastically-sized backyard! So much room to do whatever the heck you want to :).


    By the way, I love the back porch.

  10. i kinda know how you are feeling……i’ve never actually owned my own home (yet!!) but i can imagine sitting in a driveway and having the same thoughts.
    have i told you how very, very, very envious i am of you?
    enjoy every moment

  11. If I had smoke-smelling yarn, I’d have to just give it away, I don’t think I could even knit with it – but I like the suggestion for slippers – in her honor & yes, I think they could be washed – maybe even donate them away?

    I wanted to comment because I was so excited about your garden discovery!!! I grow rhubarb & my husband doesn’t care for it too much – but it’s great & easy to grow & free! So exciting. Good luck!

  12. The house looks wonderful and what a lovely, big sunny yard you have there — lots of space for a garden and all you rhubarb you can grow. How could anyone not love rhubarb pie — it’s my very absolute favorite.

  13. It would have to be some graffiti knitting. Adopt a suburb and cross town to keep it’s trees warm in the cold winter.

    I’m so happy for you and your rhubarb. It’s a strange vegetable, but always given with love, often just as the visitors leave, maybe stalks wrapped wet newspaper and a plastic bag. I could never bring myself to buy it, it seems so impersonal. I can send you an awesome muffin recipe if you need one.

  14. What a beautiful yard! So glad to hear the previous owners were gardeners as that will make it easier for you to keep one. I’m in agreement with you on the clothesline as that’s the first thing my husband put up in the yard our first summer in our home. As for the yarn the ideas for a cat bed and or rug with multiple strands of yarn held together is a good one. Here’s a few links I hope you can access to help you find a pattern for both and maybe give you some more ideas.

  15. PS- I would like to mention that yes acrylic yarn makes good dish washing cloths; also known as Tawshi’s. 🙂

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