A rainbow day

In October my devilishly handsome but rather abrupt fertility doctor said that he would set me a goal – that if I came back in February I had to weigh less than I did then or he wouldn’t see me again. I made some dietary changes but was very slow to start the exercise. And recently I weighed myself after walking every day for a month. Nothing. Not an ounce lost. I nearly died of fright. What if the doctor refused to see me again? I’ve been frightened stiff for nearly 2 weeks about his reaction. Thankfully the weight started slooooowly coming off over the past 2 weeks. Enough that he was satisfied anyway and I go back in May, hopefully thinner. Whew. I swear that even if it is the middle of the coldest winter on record when I reach my weight target I am going to walk around in a skirt I made myself. Naturally thin people have no idea how much I want to sit on them and crush them envy them.

So today was a rainbow day. Out of the dark rain clouds that have been hovering over me a rainbow shone out and things turned out to be much better than I expected. Whew. Here’s to more rainbow days!

Colourful faves



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13 responses to “A rainbow day

  1. anna mcdonald

    I live in the Wairarapa and have silently been following your blog. I am using this at the moment and have been losing weight. http://www.hcgweightloss.co.nz/
    I am an awful dieter and lose 2kg and gain 3kg- you know the type of thing, but this really is working. I read lots and lots first on the internet before trying it. My sister became pregnant as soon as she lost some weight.

  2. Keep up the awesome work! You can do it! I know it is hard around all these special holidays that pop up. I swear they are invented to thwart us in out efforts to better heath and thinner waistlines! Stay strong, it will so be worth it!!

  3. Yes crush them! Ooops, no I mean, go you!!! Stick with it honey! x

  4. love the rainbows 🙂 keep up the good work

  5. glendasikes

    You’ve already done nice on your weight loss; here’s wishing you continued success :).

  6. jen

    like the photo collection

    and so so pleased the fertility doctor will see you again

  7. Well done!

    I’ve been going to the gym since November, and I gained weight. (Luckily I had lost 2% body fat, or I probably would have given up there and then. lol) Sometimes it’s not that easy, eh?

    I wonder if your fertility doctor is the same one my sister saw. Apparently lots of ladies like him, and his nickname is Dr Shiny Suit. lol

  8. MiA

    Oh.. I see mine! Thanks 🙂

    X-ing my fingers for you – hope you can loose more and reach your goals!!

    Have a nice weekend!

  9. Nicky

    Congrats on the weight loss.
    I have lost over 8kg’s in the last 10 weeks and couldn’t have done it without drinking copious amounts of water.
    I drink up to 3 1/2 litres a day.
    Its great for getting rid of hunger pains !!

  10. great news there Steph!!! love your description of the doctor!!! lol

    loads of water, walking and cut out as much sugar as you can!

  11. Little Charlie who features sometimes on my blog was an ivf baby.His mama went through some tough times as well.The weight loss was also a struggle.Just keep at it.
    All the best.

  12. Love the rainbow photos! Wishing you luck!

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