Recent thrift finds

I am always the first to moan about how bad thrifting has been lately and 2009 was pretty dire for thrifting but 2010 is rocking so far. My best finds of the year so far:

Alfie and Pooh

Alfie and Pooh books. Cute!


Baby clothes…whats that you say? I’m infertile….yes I remember. I really must either become fertile asap or stop buying this stuff! But it’s so little and teeny weeny and cute. Clearly not buying it is not going to happen!

A bigass bag of wool

200gms of 4 ply wool – 90% NZ wool, 10% angora. Ohhh. And a lot less than the $12 on the tag. That’s one soft and cheap cowl I’ll be wearing this winter!

Dorothy's basket

The actual basket used by Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz….well maybe not but it totally reminds me of it (the real one had flaps though) and I plan to use it at craft fairs on my stall…just can’t think what to put in it yet.

Smocked dress

I saw this at the thrift store on December 23rd, just before they closed for a few weeks. Not having a daughter and since it was $5 I passed on it and I regretted not buying it immediately. Stupid I know but this is the style of dress my gran made me as a little girl. She’s too arthritic now to sew and smock and I got nostalgic. Even if I never have a little girl of my own (my family is 95% girls, we are so due a boy) this will hang on the wall of my sewing room at the new house and remind me of my gran and those childhood dresses. $5 well spent for me.



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7 responses to “Recent thrift finds

  1. The dress is beautiful. Great finds. xx

  2. jen

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Alfie books

    arent baby clothes so cute

    and i like the little dress too ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I would have bought that little smocked dress too — it’s adorable. I am also a sucker for children’s books, and you found some great ones.

    I’m excited to see photos of the new house.

  4. Great finds! I absolutely love smocked dresses.

  5. Love Pooh books – what a great find.
    The dress is so very sweet

  6. Great finds! Especially love the yarn you got for $12! What a bargain. Gorgeous colour too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. oh love the smocked dress! you are not infertile you are just having a wee challenge falling pregnant ok!!! Rachaelxo

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