Hi ho hi ho house hunting we will go

We got approved for a mortgage today! Yay! Another piece of the enormous puzzle falls into place with this step. We’re trying to get them to approve a little bit more though so we can go for our dream home….well our dream home within our budget! I’m sure we could dream better than that given a chance! We find out if we can borrow more tomorrow and then we’re signing the house offer tomorrow night and then the agent will submit it to the owners. So fingers crossed and if you’re a praying type say one for us please! This is the house I want to raise a family in!!

While I jiggle up and down and drum my fingers and chew my lips and try in vain to focus on doing anything here’s some cheerful domestic favourites – colours, candles, cats and other happy things:

Recent faves



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4 responses to “Hi ho hi ho house hunting we will go

  1. jen

    yaye and yep Im praying for you

  2. I’m excited for you and hope to hear good news about the house.

  3. woohoo!!! congrats, hope you get the extra you want , how wonderful!

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