Crochet paper chain pattern

Thank you for the crochet paper chain love! It makes me happy that it makes other people happy! If you’re interested in making your own here is a little pattern. Bear in mind this is my first attempt at sharing a crochet pattern so it might be rubbish.

Crochet paper chain

I used a 5mm hook and 8ply (dk weight) yarn. Acrylic might be fun, but you could also make a felted one. Using a bigger hook will make it go a lot faster too. I like the sc look of the ridges it makes in this project but try dc or a combo or whatever!

Ch7, sc in second ch from hook, 1 sc in each ch in row  (6sc)

ch 1 and turn

Row2: 1 sc in each sc (6sc)
Repeat until it’s as long as you want  (I think I did about 38-40 rows. Each strip was 6.25″ long if that’s easier) and finish off – whipstitch or slipstitch ends together – slipstitch will look a lot neater but I didn’t think of it until near the end. Duh! I just slid the ugly whipstitched ends to the inside where they are totally hidden.

Weave in ends. Thread next finished piece through and stitch shut.

This would look really look with just 2 or 3 colours so it doesn’t have to be too expensive. Red, pink and white for Valentines maybe? Red, white and blue for the 4th of July? Red, white and green for Christmas….you get the idea.


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20 responses to “Crochet paper chain pattern

  1. cleo

    What a cute idea …. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. MiA

    It’s lovely! Thanks for sharing the pattern. I made a link from my second website “Mönsterarkivet” (The pattern archive) Hope ok!

  3. Thank you so much.

    Thank goodness there’s plenty of time, I may even get some done for next Christmas!

  4. Many thanks for the pattern!

  5. Oooh so gorgeous!! thanks for sharing!

  6. What an awesome idea! This is great; I’ll have to try this!

  7. Goldie

    Cute idea, thanks for posting.

  8. Nicole B

    Such a cute idea, it would be great to use up all those little leftover balls of yarn from previous projects with this project.

  9. Love this! Nice colourwork!

  10. This is cute. I thinking about making one

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  12. Jane

    I love this! It is so cute and something I have been looking for to make. I want to make one for my tree this year! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Camilla Lawson

    Orange, Black, Green and Purple = Holloween
    Greens and gold = St. Patty’s Day

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  15. Love this idea! I think it’d be gorgeous in metallic or sparkly yarn, or the new sequined yarns! I linked to you on my blog this morning too:

  16. Oh Yes! I’m glad I found your article today. I recommend it to everyone .. Thank you for your work!

  17. Jenzi

    My husband is military, so we make a lot of paper chains to countdown the days he is away. I’m going to make these only with a button and buttonhole so we can still “tear” off a chain each day. Thank you!

  18. Autumn

    How adorable I will be making this in Christmas colors and sewing velcro on the ends so my kid can remove them and count them down just like the traditional paper chain. This will save me tons on paper! Lol thank you so much

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  20. Kathy

    You dont say about joining ends together to make it a circle or joining them.

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