Could be better

We got the house money today. On Monday we will apply for a mortgage and with luck on Tuesday we will get approved and be able to make an offer on a house. We are going to view it again on Monday and ohhhh my photos will make you so jealous! A bright orange bathtub. Pure 70’s kitsch from the tassled lampshades to the arched doorways. On our budget it is a choice between a fixer upper that would make you vomit or an well cared for but heinously tacky ‘dated’ house.

You’d think though that the appearance of many dollars (the most in our life EVER really) in the bank would put a smile on our faces but woah, it’s been one of those ‘uphill in rollerskates’ sorta days. Sticky heat has made everything annoy me more than it should too I think. Thankfully tomorrow is a new day 🙂 This is how today is ending – broken:


The hook part not only snapped off, it vanished off the face of the earth too. My kitchen floor mat has ground to a halt and I am darned if I am working on my only other WIP – a scarf –  in the scorching heat!! Ever get the feeling the universe is trying to tell you to go back to bed and try again tomorrow?



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12 responses to “Could be better

  1. glendasikes

    Congrats on receiving the house money :). It’s your first house, and those tend to be *not* what you’d choose if money wasn’t an object! but I do understand how disappointing it is when you find that out.

    Here’s hoping tomorrow is better for you.

  2. MiA

    Hi! If you have hot weather I would be glad to switch places with you… here is cold cold cold – the coldest ever winter in many many years. I want to go somewhere sunny and warm – I don’t like this snowy winter weather at all!

    Wish you good luck with all about your new house!

  3. Congratulations on your soon to b house !!!
    So sorry about your bad day with weather and crochet hook…. the stitches are looking great and those are lovely colors ! 😉

  4. bookwormbethie

    dated but well cared for sounds good to me. it will be your home and you can save up and bit by bit you can start small projects to make the house more your style. congrats! i hope the yard is fenced in so your kitties will be safe!

  5. Congrats on the house! Sounds like you two will be having lots of character building time with the house updates 🙂

  6. jen

    all the best with the mortgage
    wont be long till its all sorted and youll be in very own house 🙂

  7. Congratulations! I’m sure you’ll be able to transform the house into something cozy and comfortable. When we moved into our first house, the walls were covered with brown gunk from all the cigarette smoke over the years and what we thought was brown carpet had originally been gold. It was so gross, but all it took was cleaning, painting and removing that horrible carpeting. I loved that little house.

  8. I’m really fond of tacky and dated, it’s kind of fun. Good luck with all the house-buying rigmaroll!

    I’m just off to soak my corneas in saline solution after looking at *that* bathroom.

  9. Oh, yeah for getting the house! And I would trade the heat with you, it was snowing all morning here!

  10. Woot! Congratulations on the house! 🙂

    Is that the hook I sent you awhile back? I can see if they have more here and send you one. Let me know.

  11. wow!! can’t wait to see the house you put an offer on! what fun!! Rachaelxo

  12. Cathy

    ooh a new house, how exciting!
    Our hallway was amost completely( and yes I mean walls too!) orangey varnished wood! But you can change decorations easily enough!
    And I am glad to see I am not the only one who braks crochet hooks…in fact I have switched to all metal ones because I break so many!

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