Crochet paper chain

Well this has to be one of my maddest ideas ever! I saw a beautiful crochet chain in a shop knitted from Noro or something equally not the right shade and the concept was so cool but the end result was dark and dull. Yet another (insert many expletives) failed knitting attempt meant that I would have to try crochet one. I didn’t find a satisfactory tutorial online so I made it up as I went along and although I know how I will make the next one better this one is awesome! It’s so cheerful and bright and although it photographs like crap it looked amazing hanging in a tree.

It also looked pretty good hanging on my neighbours rusty washing line:

Crochet paper chain

It’s one of those perfect whimsical things that I look to look at and go “Wow, I made that myself!” and it makes me smile to know that I make cool things πŸ™‚

Crochet paper chain

I swear the second I get some free time (it might happen one day!) I am so going to make one for myself. I could pretend it’s for my future child but I’d so be lying. It’s totally going to be for me. You can never have enough whimsical, fun things in your life.



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32 responses to “Crochet paper chain

  1. I love it! Particularly the colours you’ve chosen. (I had to save up for my daylight lamp, too. But it was so worth it…)

  2. MiA

    Hi! Yes it is COOL indeed! Funny.. Liset (Handmaid Liset) made something similar just the other day – check her Flickr photos! You had the same idea but made it in different techniques πŸ™‚

    Have a nice day!

  3. That’s nifty!

    I just called over as I saw your comment lamtenting the local costs of daylight bulbs in your area. Well, I found them stupidly expensive in the UK – wanting Β£100+ for alamp set up with all manner of things I wouldn’t have used, so we just bought a plain floor lamp with a very flexible head part from Ikea for Β£9 and then got a Β£4 Daylight Company bulb to put in it. Hey presto – one daylight lamp on a real budget!

    Not sure where you’re from, but I’m sure you’d be able to do something similar – esp with Ikea’s global presence. Hope that helps!=)

  4. That’s such a cute idea and I love the colors you’ve chosen. Any chance you’re going to post the directions? I’d love to make one.

  5. Wow!!!it is very cool. I love your creativity!!!

  6. I love that!!! Rachaelxo

  7. That is *so* lovely! I spotted it on Flickr. Really nice idea and such great colours – if this isn’t for you, then you should make yourself one immediately!

  8. You go girl! I LOVE this! It’s very cute and who says us girls need an excuse to cute up our surroundings? I love whimsical and offbeat things in my personal spaces. Ha-even in the office when I can get away with it. I’m with the gal who said light therapy on a budget from Ikea. I’m on my way to Wally’s to pick up more full spectrum bulbs. πŸ˜‰

  9. This is a really good idea. Amazing what people think of.
    Thanks for sharing!
    I’m asking ‘Would you like to help?????’
    Hugs and Love Suex

  10. That’s just so lovely AND coo-oool! Well done you, really superb and such fun.

  11. I love this! Well done….xx

  12. I love it, the colours are perfect

  13. That is so cute! Very whimsical and cheery.

  14. such a cute cute chain!

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  16. ejorpin

    Love this! Gorgeous colors πŸ™‚

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  18. Well, imagine how happy I was to see this featured on CRAFT this morning! Congratulations to you. (And it is lovely. Too bad I have no crochet skills.)

  19. I’m over from CRAFT… I LOVE this idea! Seems simple enough, but with a big pow of color in the end… I really may put this on file for *my* future child! πŸ™‚

  20. I love your crocheted chain. I figured out a knitted, felted version and posted the tutorial on last year. I learned through comments that there had been a previous knitted version, but I hadn’t seen it before posting mine. Here’s my knitting tutorial–now I have to learn to crochet!

  21. This is awesome! I want to make one now, too. πŸ™‚

  22. cindy

    ooh, what a cool idea!

  23. Debbie Stassin

    I love your crocheted chains. The colors are brillant and the chains do bring back fond memories. Thank you for sharing them.

  24. Oooh! I love this. I can’t crochet worth a crap but I want to knit this. xo

  25. thecraftaholic

    that is awesome! I am going to have to make one for my daughter’s birthday party.

  26. I found your site when I was browsing for something else, but this page was on the first page of Yahoo your website must be pretty popular! Continue the good work!

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  28. So Happy and colourful :o)

  29. How lovely. I never would have thought to translate this from paper into crochet. Now I must make one for my daughters room. Too cute!

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