Houses of the poor and not famous

Robin Leach is nowhere to be seen, these houses are SO not his style. These are the tackiest decorating jobs I have come across house hunting online. Of these 3 ‘beauties’ only one ever got a visit. Mostly because…well you’ll see.


Room 1 is a vampires bedroom. Maybe a goth lives here? The really odd thing was that the other two bedrooms were clearly decorated by an old lady. One had an enormous ugly stuffed lion on the bed, very 80’s. The other was all pink and frillys and flowers with porcelain dolls and stuff like that.

Green with envy

Room 2 is the most searing shade of green ever. Because seared corneas are exactly what you want in a slippery wet bathroom right? This house is not in a great location so we skipped viewing it. And we just plain want to keep our eyesight. Imagine the headache you must get after a shower.


This one is a stunner right? The photo shows dayglow yellow and green. We actually viewed this yesterday and I can thankfully report that while I still believe that old ladies should never ever be allowed to decorate without assistance this room is not quite as bad as the photos. Oh it’s still real bad but it’s not dayglow in person. Of the three houses we did see we are very tempted to put an offer on this one. One house was pokey, one was just so awful it actually made me feel quite sick for several hours but this one…we really felt like we had come home. Insert soppy music here. We’re hoping to arrange to go back tomorrow for an indepth look at it. There’s an open home on Sunday though so nobody better put an offer in then because I can see us growing to this house. After we paint that room obviously.


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8 responses to “Houses of the poor and not famous

  1. Isn’t house-hunting and adventure? Paint never bothered me so much, since you can always paint over it and every time we have moved I do repaint, lol. But that one bathroom? Yikes, even the tub had green on it. Can’t imagine how many cans of primer it would take to cover that!! lol

  2. jen

    that bathroom sure is a shocker

    happy house hunting all the best

  3. glendasikes

    Wow, that green IS bright!! You’d almost have to start from scratch in that bathroom, tho I would love to have that big ole window.

    Have fun thinking of how you’d fix that third house up — that’s one of the best parts of house-hunting!

  4. That green in the bathroom is really something, isn’t it! I hope you get the house that you love. I know it’s easier said than done, but be careful with your heart when looking for a home to buy.

  5. wow – that’s pretty disgusting……

  6. oh dear! those colours!

  7. You’re making a huge mistake if you turn down the Vampire House! You know you have to live there! Just think – waking up every morning feeling dramatic and cheesy. Is there any other way to go through life?? Plus, you already have cats.

  8. Wow, pretty exciting! Hope you get your shot at the house you want – so upsetting to miss out. It only happened to me once before I got my house, and it wasn’t an experience I wanted to repeat. No fun.

    And yes, you can always paint. Or, in my case, HAVE to paint, since the bedroom is searingly pink. Oh no, please do not force me to bore all my friends with the search for the perfect colour!

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